Asian-Fusion Plates of Flavor- Gigi Miami (Midtown, Asian Fusion)

The very large area north of downtown that includes Midtown, Wynwood, Design District, and the Biscayne Corridor have tons of culinary gems to try and discover. One place I had heard a lot about was Gigi, which is on Miami Ave basically where Midtown, Wynwood, and the Design District meet. What I heard the most was that their pork dishes were amazing! I checked out their menu and I was a little hesistant to try it out because it didn’t seem to have tons for gluten-frees (a lot of stuff with buns and bread), plus Asian-Fusion can be hit or miss with the sauces. I held off on going but eventually decided to check it out anyway and try to find something to have and hopefully try one of their pork dishes.

Gigi is in a great space with tons of windows facing Miami Ave and 35th St. It has an industrial feel that’s very common in Wynwood with the cement floors and exposed piping. What I liked the most was that the acoustics and openness of the space allowed for it to feel very busy and popular, but not too loud (even with background music) that you couldn’t have an enjoyable conversation.

The menu has a lot of small plates with many different things to try. They fall into categories of Basic, Snacks, Bites, Buns, and Rice/Noodles. They also have a good selection of wine, beers, sparking wine, and sake. What caught my eye was the short rib sandwich and the beef brisket/short rib bun. Unfortunately the waitress said that without the bread/buns the dish would be really small (and most of Gigi’s dishes are small to begin with anyways). I decided to go with the poussin, which is a small yong chicken, that came with rice. I also ordered some of their pickles, which actually were a number of different vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, and we thought heart of palm all pickled). I really liked the vegetables and the salty sourness of the brine. The chicken had good flavor, but my favorite was definitely the jasmine rice (especially with the juices from the chicken on it!). Since it was a pretty small chicken I still was feeling hungry and ordered some of the drumsticks. This works pretty easily at Gigi since it is a lot of small plates that are brought to the table whenever they are done and are encouraged to be shared. I like the drumsticks a lot since it had a garlic black bean sauce that was really delicious and gave the drumsticks some great flavor.

My friends got a number of the buns, including the brisket/short rub one, mushrooms, and the roasted pork. Several of them had visited before and liked the different buns then and now. Another friend got one of the specials, crispy salmon, which she said was really good. One of them also got dessert- a warm apple crumble that came with strawberry ice cream a la mode. She really enjoyed it and kept saying she wanted to savor it forever!

I enjoyed our meal and I think it’s a great place if you’re looking to sample a bunch of different plates and Asian-fusion flavors (I could especially see it being a great spot before Art Walk). For gluten-frees and for myself I don’t feel like there were tons of options that, especially ones that called out to me so I’d suggest finding someplace with a bit options. I’m especially bummed that the pork dishes they’re famous aren’t really adaptable, but if you’re not gluten-free definitely check those out!

The pickled vegetables
The roasted pork bun
The Shrooms bun
The brisket/short rib bun
The poussin chicken and rice
The drumsticks
The apple crisp a la mode!

Gigi Miami (3470 N Miami Ave Miami, FL)

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