Go-To Thai/Sushi on Biscayne-Siam Rice (Upper Eastside/Biscayne Corridor)

Yesterday after seeing some of my first students graduate from high school (!!) I went with some friends/co-workers to a quick lunch at Siam Rice on Biscayne. I really enjoyed my Pad See Ew but didn’t take any pics because I wasn’t planning on doing a review. Later however I realized I left my credit card there and returned today to get it and my roommate wanted to grab lunch. Figured it was a sign but also is a good place to share for lunch for people around the Upper Eastside.

Yesterday I got the Pad See Ew with beef and a California roll on the side. For those who don’t get Thai often I’d really recommend trying the Pad See Ew! It’s a wide soft rice noodle, which I really enjoy over the thinner Pad Thai noodles. I’ve gotten it tons of time and I have to say that the one at Siam Rice is one of my favorites. A lot of the sauces on the Pad See Ew are a pretty sweet soy or black bean sauce and it makes the dish feel pretty heavy, especially after you’re done eating it. The Pad See Ew at Siam Rice however is only slight sweet and has a much “lighter” feel, but still filling. I got it again today and was really happy with it!

My roommate loves sushi and got a spicy crab roll and a Dynamite roll (looked like shrimp and avocado in it and possible some shavings of bread crumbs on it). I tried a bite of each (before realizing the Dynamite probably had bread crumbs on it). The spicy crab was good, but my favorite unfortunately (given the bread crumbs) was the Dynamite because of the sauce it had on it. The California roll I had yesterday was good, but I think I like sushi with more different flavors going on. My roommate goes to Moonchine also on Biscayne not too far away and knows his favorite flavors of sushi there, but I definitely think Siam Rice is better for Thai food.

Siam Rice has some great lunch deals on sushi and dishes ($6.99-$8.99) and is easy to get in and out quickly. If I’m in the area I’ll be going back for the Thai and will probably try different flavors of sushi. If you find yourself on the Upper Eastside and looking for a quick delicious lunch or are specifically in the mood for Thai for any kind of meal check out Siam Rice on Biscayne!

Spicy crab and Dynamite sushi rolls
Delicious Pad See Ew!
Sushi bar

Siam Rice Thai and Sushi (7941 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL)


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