100th Post!: The Way Brunch Is Supposed To Be- Morgan’s (Midtown/Wynwood, New American)

I’d been hearing about Morgan’s for awhile now, especially as a good brunch spot, and I’ve driven by it often with all the time I spend in Midtown and since I lived so close. Really no excuse why I haven’t checked it out besides the fact that I’ve terribly skirted my Portland-raised brunch responsibilities. I’ve been a lot better recently about doing Miami weekend brunches (Villa Mayfair, City Hall) so it was fitting I finally got around to Morgan’s (even if it was on a Monday!).

Morgan’s is right at the edge of Midtown and Wynwood on 29th. What’s awesome is that it’s in an old converted house and has a huge covered patio! It also has a parking lot, which shouldn’t be a big deal, but you really appreciate when you’re used to so much street, garage, or valet parking for a lot of restaurants in Brickell and Midtown.

We sat of course outside on the patio and that’s one of the best features of Morgan’s. There are ceiling fans all around the patio, but there also was an alright breeze and it wasn’t bad at all for being outside in June. In one direction you can look across 29th to Midtown, but I had my back to that and still enjoyed the patio (even the view of the parking lot) since you’re taking advantage of eating outside (one of Miami’s best features) and the patio itself is very aesthetically pleasing.

The brunch menu I believe is only on weekends but there are a number of breakfast items on the regular lunch menu we had. We started off with Bloody Mary’s and a bellini. I liked the bellini, because while it didn’t have a thick peach puree in it there still was a lot of peach flavor and this made it a bit more bubbly. For food I ordered a frittata since I was in the brunch mood. It came with chorizo, caramelized onions, potatoes, peppers, and gruyere cheese. There also was a small mixed green salad with a vinaigrette on top. It was a lot of different flavors, plus textures with the fluffiness of the frittata, chunks of veggies, and the salad. It took a sec to get used to the different textures, but flavor-wise I liked it. I’ve mentioned this in a few posts but again it’s really funny sometimes to me how far I’ve come from my former-picky eater self (a couple years ago those veggies would have had to keep at least a three-feet distance from any omelet I was ever going to eat!)

My friends got the breakfast wrap and the chicken salad sandwich. The chicken salad sandwich comes on flatbread that’s made in-house and was recommended by our waiter. My friend Amy did really love the flatbread itself, plus she liked the combination of chicken with the sweetness of cranberries and walnuts. Both her and Krystyna liked the big sides of mixed green salad that came with their meal.

I’ll be excited to go back and try their full brunch menu, plus they have things like burgers and steak on their lunch menu I’ll want to try also. Someone near us got the meatloaf, which looked absolutely amazing (unfortunately since I cannot partake in it!). Glad to have found a go-to brunch spot that has a great brunch atmosphere outdoors! I’d highly recommend it for brunch if you’re around Midtown Miami.

On a side-note I am also very excited for the revamping of Morgan’s On The Beach into Georgia Union this Saturday, June 16th (Miami.com article here). It has an organic soul food concept. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I am back in Miami in August after a summer in Philly for work, but it will be at the top of my list!

Great atmosphere out on the patio!
What every brunch needs to start off with- gigantic celery stalks!
The frittata with mixed green salad on top
Chicken salad sandwich with flatbread made in-house
Breakfast wrap with mixed green salad on side

Morgan’s (28 NE 29th St Miami, FL)


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