Art, Booze, and Food = Great Happy Hour/Chill Hangout Spot- Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Is that enough nouns and adjectives in the title for ya? I think it’s appropriate though for how much I enjoy this place.

I’ve been to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar a lot of times for work Happy Hours and when Wood Tavern has gotten busy across the street (also have to do a review on that!). I’ve been wanting to do a post for awhile because of the good food, amazing artwork, and I really love Wynwood the neighborhood! Finally got around to taking pics and planning a post about it!

Couple things I love about it. #1 is that the Wynwood neigborhood with places like here, Wood Tavern, Lester’s, and Cafeina (haven’t been yet but from what I have heard) is just super chill. The music is never super loud and you can sit and hang out and drink. A number of places in Brickell are like this during the day, but as it starts to get later the music progressively gets louder and louder and it isn’t a place where you can really just chill (without shouting!). As I’ve mentioned in a number of posts before Wynwood itself has a cool vibe with art galleries, a lot of public art, and converted warehouses into galleries, shops, and restaurants/bars. So Wynwood Kitchen and Bar gets a big nod just for it’s location. It is great to get a big group together there because you can either sit in the restaurant area or there is a large bar area with several bar tables and chairs. Since a lot of people are moving away this summer I threw a Happy Hour here and it was a perfect place to have about 15-20 people get together at and not have to separate into smaller groups.

#2 is that Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (lets abbreviate it WKB from now on for ease) is practically all art. Right behind it (and it’s outdoor seating area faces it) is the Wynwood Walls with huge beautiful murals all around (a highlight of Art Walk). But then even inside the walls are covered in art! And not just covered like a bunch of pictures hanged but gigantic, takes-up-the-whole space, mural art! Check out the pics below!

#3 WKB has really good food. During Happy Hour they have a great deal of $2 bites and menu includes steak and chicken skewers, deviled eggs, feta and olives, chips and pico de gallo, and empanadas (plus probably missing at least once more). They come in small portions, but that’s why it’s great to try a lot, plus it’s only $2! This deal is Monday-Friday from 5:30 (when it opens) to 7:30 PM and there also are discounted prices on beer and wine. All of the food I’ve tried is really good. I love the deviled eggs and skewers and I’ve heard people rave about the empanadas. This last time I also got an order of the short ribs (my favorite food in the world) and theirs were very good, plus I liked how it came with sauteed spinach, which combined well flavor-wise with the short rib.

I’m excited to be working just a 10 blocks away from Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and will be hitting it up often! If you’re looking for a great place to eat and enjoy art while doing it definitely check it out! If you’re also looking for a great chill Happy Hour (and if you’re trying to organize one for a larger group) then you should check it out as well!

Outdoor seating area
Part of the Wynwood Wall
Deviled Eggs


Chicken Skewers
Steak Skewer
Olives and feta
The short rib with spinach

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (2550 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL)

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