“Baru Urbano” in the Heart of Brickell (Latin)

Monday was a bit of food overload with breakfast at Morgan’s and a Happy Hour at Wynwood Kitchen (with a lot of food!), but I had a lot of people to see so the day wrapped up with a late dinner at Baru Urbano in Brickell. It wasn’t all fun and game that day I ran a bunch of errands and packed up my whole apartment that day too!

I had randomly been to Baru’s once or twice at night when it’s a bar/club but had never been for a meal. I’m not sure why but one time I checked out their menu online and it had some things that definitely interested me. It has a great location right in the heart of Brickell on what I consider the major intersection (Miami Ave and 10th St) with Dolores, Perricones, and Mary Brickell Village.

My friend Katie has been there before and liked it and since she was a person I needed to see before I left Miami for the summer we went to Baru’s for dinner. It definitely has a Brickell vibe. You’d almost call the building a bit rustic with a lot of dark wood walls and floors, but then of course it has the trendy lights and art and music of Brickell! Brickell has a lot of places with contrasting identities. It also has a wraparound patio with outdoor seating and the inside is very open to the outside as well (like a tropical beach bar).

Baru’s menu has a lot of appetizers (empanadas, arepas, and other Latin specialties). If you’re unfamiliar with a lot of Latin dishes and/or with yucca or plantains dishes it’s a cool place to check out. I got an order of the chorizo con arepa and the carimanolas. Arepas are corn pancakes but I’ve come to discover they come in a variety of styles and textures. The one at Baru are pieces of arepa with chorizo separate. The arepa was pretty crunchy and I cut up the chorizo to put on top like a cracker. At other places arepas are used to make a sandwich and the meat/filling is in the middle (like at La Latina or Munchies). For arepas I prefer the other style (especially the soft kind at La Latina) but the chorizo was still really good. The carimanolas is an interesting dish to try. It’s fried yuca stuffed with meat. Yucca is a root and has a texture similar to potatoes, but the taste is hard to describe. It’s a very subtle taste, unlike a potato (or maybe I just am so familiar with the potato taste) and it’s almost a little sweet, but again very subtle. The crispiness of fried yuca I liked and it was good stuffed with meat (very similar to if you stuffed a potato with meat).

Baru also has a number of meat, fish, and rice dishes as well as sandwiches. My friend Katie got the coconut crusted tilapia filet, which is crusted in a combination of plantain and coconut. I tried a bite of it (me trying seafood, say what?) and it was good (full disclosure: since she ordered it I didn’t check if it was gluten-free. The menu says made with plantains and I didn’t feel a reaction, but anyone gluten-free should double check). It was nice and a bit sweet and a bite of tilapia was a good fish to start seeing if seafood has grown on me.

You can get a variety of Latin dishes at Baru so it can be a good place to try out in Brickell, although the service can be slow. Since I’ll be moving to Brickell in August I’ll probably hit it up again due to the variety of options.

The outdoor patio
The coconut fried tilapia
Chorizo con arepa
Carimanolas in the mood light (ie. no flash)

Baru Urbano (1001 South Miami Ave Miami, FL)

The website can be a bit confusing so here is a direct link to the dinner menu- http://www.barurbano.com/MENUS%20brickell/DINNER%20MENU/dinner.html

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