Big Menu, Big Servings- Big Pink (South Beach, American)

I’ve had a lot of adventures (mostly food-related) in the last couple days since I have a lot of friends moving out of Miami and saying goodbye has usually revolved around eating! I myself have been very busy moving apartments just within Miami but also getting ready for a trip home to Portland and working in Philadelphia for the summer. I’ve gotten a bit behind on the posts (maybe not so much in days since I’ve posted, but certainly number of posts I need to do!).

On Sunday my friends and I went to Big Pink in the SoFi (South of Fifth)/South Pointe area of South Beach. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent much time in South Beach despite living five minutes away across the Bay, simply because I’ve been avoiding it for awhile due to the traffic and craziness of tourist season.  I was glad to spend some time again on the island and especially that I was in South Pointe, which is hands down my favorite place in South Beach (Sunset Harbor near the Venetian Causeway is another favorite).

There are tons of restaurants I need to check out in this area. I chose Big Pink because they had a crazy big menu online and I thought one of my friends who is leaving would like it because of all the options. Turns out he has been here once before but he was happy to check it out again. Big Pink definitely has a diner feel of sorts (but not the hole-in-the-wall kind) and also mixed with a bit of an ice cream parlor feel (although that might have been more due to the smell of waffle cones as we entered than anything else!). There are a number of diner booths, as well as the four-person square tables and the kitchen is partially open to the restaurant. There also is a bar area along one wall with a bunch of gym lockers behind it (not sure what’s the history or significance behind it though- should have asked!).

The highlight of Big Pink is it’s huge menu, plus that it’s open pretty late hours (8 AM-12 AM Sun-Wed, 8AM-2 AM on Thursday, and 8 AM-5 AM on Friday and Saturday). Their menu includes tons of burgers, pizzas, salads, steaks, and a lot of appetizers plus breakfast served all day! We got an order of the chili cheese fries (which also came with bacon!) and then I got the verde burger, which was a burger with spinach cheese dip on top (plus fries on the side). It was an interesting combo both in texture and taste and I’m glad I gave it a shot. The chili cheese fries and burger really filled me up, which was both good and bad (bad because I wanted to try what looked like some amazing desserts/shakes). My friend Michael got the bucket of chips, which came with three different dipping sauces (basil, wasabi, and thousand island). The basil sauce was awesome and definitely both our favorites and the thousand island was solid (not as big of a fan of the wasabi however). Jess got a breakfast burrito, which was massive! and came with rice on the side. Our friend Monica got a waffles with strawberries, which came with a lot of them on top of it!

Afterwards we burned off all that food by walking around SoFi and through South Pointe Park. I love SoFi because it’s a lot quieter and more peaceful than the other areas of South Beach, plus has tons of cool restaurants to walk by. South Pointe Park sits right on the chanel the cruise ships leave out of and has a walkway along the water (check out my blog post about it in Miami Urban Outdoor Escapes).

Overall Big Pink had a lot of solid, comfort-diner food in a great location in South Beach. Great to know that it’s open late for nights out in South Beach! Definitely will want to try some of their shakes/desserts next time we go, because the waffle cone smell when we walked in was addicting!

*Missing a pic of the chili cheese fries because we dived in pretty quickly (well yes it was mostly me!) and the midway through pic wasn’t the most appetizing!*

Strawberry Waffles
Breakfast burrito plus rice on the side!
Bucket of Chips with dipping sauces
Verde Burger and Fries
Diner-like atmosphere of Big Pink
The bar area
Pic of SoFi/South Pointe (pretty obviously Instagrammed!)

Big Pink- 157 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL (then click on link for Big Pink)

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