This Is Why I Love Portland- Pittock Mansion (Historical Sight, Viewpoint)

A lot of cities have tons of natural beauty and Miami is no exception, but I have definitely been missing the green and vibrant natural beauty of Portland, plus I have really missed hills! Some of my favorite places in Portland is Forest Park/Washington Park and hiking out in the woods so close to the city. For context Forest Park is a 5,000 acre park in the West Hills of Portland right next to downtown. My plan yesterday was to start in Willamette Heights and walk through Forest Park up to Pittock Mansion and then to Washington Park. I got a late start and with lunch plans I decided to start at the Pittock Mansion (I’m going to try and do a review in a few days on Forest Park for visitors though, especially if I can find some old pics I’ve taken!).

The Pittock Mansion sits 1,000 feet above the city in the West Hills with stunning views of the city (check out the pics below they’re incredible!). The mansion was built by Henry Pittock, who immigrated with his family from England at a young age and arrived as a young man with no money in Oregon Territory, but created a fortune as owner of the Oregonian newspaper and from many other Oregon investments. Pittock Mansion was his and his wife Georgiana’s crowning tribute towards the end of their lives. Their heirs sold it in the late 1950s and unfortuantely it was heavily damaged in a Colombus Day Storm in 1962 and fell into further disrepair. Luckily an outpouring of support and fundraising led the City of Portland to purchase the mansion in 1964 and restore and open it to the public the next year.

The mansion is a French-renaissance chateau with 22 rooms and sits on 46 acres. The grounds are beautiful with tons of beautiful flowers and plants in the spring, summer, and fall. Inside there is tons of period furniture of truly beautiful architecture features. My favorite is the grand staircase throughout, plus the beautiful views from the windows of the house. Check out the link at the bottom for some pics of the inside.

This trip I struck to the outside- taking pictures of the flowers and grounds, the views, and the mansion itself. It was a beautiful day and only Washington Park rivals Pittock Mansion for the views of Portland. It has about 180 degree views and you can look north, east, and south! The views include downtown, the Willamette River, and Mt. Hood (which shows up somewhat in a lot of pics!). It is really gorgeous up there and I highly recommend a visit to Pittock Mansion for anyone in Portland and you can’t beat it for a visit on a beautiful sunny day!

It’s another great place where the pictures can say the most about the experience!-


Pittock Mansion- 3229 NW Pittock Dr Portland, OR

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