First Philly Post of Summer- Jones Restaurant (New American, Philadelphia Old/Center City)

It’s been a really busy and crazy couple weeks with work and so I haven’t had a chance to 1) blog (I still have a couple Portland restaurant posts I think I will need to put off until the end of the summer) and 2) to do things off my Philly bucket list (only been sort of successful getting out into the city in general with work).

But last weekend I did take time from work to go out to a full-dinner in a Philly restaurant. On my bucket list was to check out at least one of the restaurants of the STARR restaurant group (website). I’ve had a lot of people rave about their restaurants and I had been to one last year (Pod in University City) so I specifically wanted to try one of them since the Philly restaurant scene is so diverse and numerous. My friends and I (them not knowing I had a STARR restaurant on my bucket list) picked Jones right on the border of Old City and Center City.

Jones is New American and it’s decor is very fitting in a modern/trendy way (check out the pics below). We were seated on a small 2nd floor that looks down upon the whole 1st floor, which was cool.

They had a white-grape sangria for a drink of the day so we ordered a pitcher of that to start off. I had my eyes on some potato pancakes as an appetizer. I asked the server to check to see if they’re gluten-free and unfortunately they are not, but he came back with a gluten-free menu that had deviled eggs on them so of course I had to get those. They didn’t appear to have capers on them and it actually was kind of nice. I like capers but they have that distinct taste that it was nice to have some deviled eggs around them. For an appetizer one of my friends got the seared tuna tacos, which she said the filling was amazing but she was disappointed that they came in the standard taco shells you could buy in stores.

For our entrees my friends got the pulled pork sandwich and the ALT (avocado, lettuce, and tomato) both of which they raved about. I got coffee/chili powder-rubbed pork tenderloin that came with white rice and red beans. That side in itself is one of my favorite dishes ever, but the pork tenderloin was really good. It was juicy and tender and the chili powder gave it some kick, while the coffee (very subtle taste) gave it some richness. As I’ve mentioned a few times before I’ve never been a big pork tenderloin/chop fan, but was glad that recently I’ve expanded my horizons and got this at Jones!

Old City and Center City have tons of restaurant options and should be on anyone’s visit (for the sights especially) so I’d recommend Jones right in the middle with really good New American food and a cool trendy vibe of sorts that Philly has a lot of.

Bar area (view from 2nd floor)

White-grape sangria
Seared tuna tacos
My favorite Deviled Eggs
Pulled Pork Sandwich
ALT (Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato) sandwich
Coffee-chili powder rubbed pork tenderloin with white rice and red beas

Jones- 700 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA

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