Good restaurant and awesome neighborhood- PYT (Burgers, Philadelphia Northern Liberties)

The other weekend my work team went out to dinner for a team dinner and we went to PYT Northern Liberties, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Philly. Northern Liberties reminds me a lot of Portland with a mix of older buildings (especially converted warehouses/factories) with brand new buildings (ie. Portland’s Pearl District). It has a lot of cool, unique restaurants with a lot of people sitting outside, walking around, and overall is just a vibrant urban neighborhood.

PYT sits on a large square in Northern Liberties (called Piazza at Schmidts) which I think is awesome (reminded me sort of Jameson Square in the Pearl in Portland minus the fountain- check out the pics below) with outdoor seating. From looking at their menu they became famous for making a burger that had two Krispy Kreme doughnuts for the buns, plus are well-known for their adult milkshakes. Since they are well-known for their adult milkshakes a number of us got one. I got the Butterfinger (which is supposed to come with vanilla ice cream, caramel vodka, and then Butterfinger plus I’m probably missing one or two ingredients). There also are other flavors like Birthday Cake (with real birthday cake in it). My shake was good and I was glad to try one (I think Burger and Beer in Miami also offer them, but had never tried) but it was a lot of sugar and sweet alcohol and very filling.

For an appetizer we got an order of tator tots stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. Sounded like a combination of too much good stuff to pass up and they were good (plus a cool texture between the bacon and tator tot). Many of us got burgers, including their famous PYT burger, which came with cheddar cheese and bacon on it. The burger was good and I especially liked their fries that were lightly peppered.

I really love the Northern Liberties neighborhood and I’m definitely going to make sure to visit several other restaurants in the neighborhood. If you’re visiting Miami I’d recommend checking out Northern Liberties. It doesn’t have a lot of tourist sights but it’s a cool place in Philly to visit. PYT has a lot of great burgers (if I could I’d try the Krispy Kreme burger plus a Korean short-rib burger sounds really amazing too) and is a great place to start as you venture into the NoLibs dining scene.

The Piazza at Schmidts that PYT sits on
Such a good building just opposite the restaurant
Adult Milkshakes!
Tator tots wrapped in bacon
PYT Burger

PYT- 1050 N Hancock St

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