Food, Beer, and Atmosphere That’s Anything But Standard- The Standard Tap (Northern Liberties- Philly)

It’s been hard to find time to blog with how busy the summer has been but last night we went to The Standard Tap to celebrate the arrival of Friday and I knew I had to post after going last night and a few weekends before. The Standard Tap is in Northern Liberties, which as I’ve said often is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Philly. The Standard Tap is in one of the many historical buildings in the neighborhood and has a lot of architectural features all throughout. It’s pretty large with a downstairs, upstairs, and outside patio so it’s a nice place to go with a larger group. It’s your chill neighborhood bar that’s perfect for going with friends to talk and hang out and was exactly what we were looking for last night!

All of Standard Tap’s menus for food and beer is on chalkboards on the walls and there’s a wide selection for both. I can’t speak much to the beer (they do have a cider that’s my go-to) but there are a lot of options on draft and everyone I’ve gone with really likes the selection. The food has bar food like burgers and fries but also has a lot of more gourmet selections including a wide range of seafood and specialities like antelope.

The first time I went we were going more for dinner and so the antelope special definitely caught my attention over something like a burger. The antelope was very tender and juicy and it had a unique taste, but not incredibly unfamiliar (couldn’t exactly place it). It was definitely really good but it came on top of chorizo chili, which was amazing by itself and with the antelope! Nice combination of flavor and kick. My friend got the bluefish, which she said was outstanding.

Last night we were waiting for one of my co-worker’s husband so we started off with some fries and appetizers. I got the BBQ wings plate, which came with four good-sized ribs. They were very meaty and had a delicious smokey BBQ flavor. Really happy I went for them. When we did order dinner I got their double cheeseburger, which was quite large and I enjoyed it.

Last night we stayed pretty late drinking, eating, and hanging out but there are a lot of other restaurants and bars nearby in Northern Liberties we could have gone too. If you’re looking for a great neighborhood to eat and have a relaxing time out Northern Liberties has tons of options, all walkable from each other, and the Standard Tap is a great place to start or end (or somewhere in between) your night for food, drink, and hanging out.

Juicy and tender antelope over chorizo chili!
The Bluefish

BBQ Ribs Plate
Not the best pic but gives you an idea of the chalkboard menus and architectural features




The Standard Tap (901 N. 2nd St Philadelphia, PA)

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