Variety of Flavorful Food in NoLibs- Bar Ferdinand (Spanish Tapas, Philadelphia)

Last weekend my friend Rita and I wanted to get some good food after a busy week and of course that meant we headed to… you guessed it- Northern Liberties (NoLibs). Partially this is because it’s close and convenient to the work we’re doing at Temple U this summer, but also there are tons of restaurants and places to check out there. One of the places that had come up in finding good restaurants in NoLibs besides The Standard Tap was Bar Ferdinand . I always am a fan of Spanish tapas and having a variety of different of foods so we picked it as our Friday celebration.

Bar Ferdinand has a great atmosphere for Happy Hour/dinner eating. Our eyes quickly zoomed in on the drink menu and we decided to get a pitcher of their white wine sangria to start off with. We then spent a lot of time discussing what to get for food since there were tons of options. We used the excuse that I can’t have gluten to justify us both getting tons of different things since Rita had a number of gluteny things she wanted to try.

I had a couple old favorites from Miami I wanted to try but there were also a couple new things that caught my interest. My old favorite is the Spanish tortilla, which isn’t the corn tortilla time, but is a egg quiche-like dish that comes slightly cold with crema fresca. Delicious as always. I also got the potatoes brava, which are crisp potatoes nuggets in a tomato and crema fresca (possibly a queso) sauce. I also got the filet skewers (which were very crispy and flavorful) and tried  their short ribs that came with a fried egg on top. Short ribs are always my favorite and these were pretty good and I’ve really gotten into the gooeyness of a fried egg on top of different dishes.

Rita got some chicken empanadas, some fried goat cheese with honey and toast plate, and some seasonal vegetables and she thought all were delicious! She was really happy we had decided to check it out and celebrate the coming of the weekend!

Bar Ferdinand was a great Spanish tapas place and if you’re in Northern Liberties or in the mood for Spanish you should head to Ferdinand!

Starting off right


Chicken Empanadas
Goat Cheese, Honey, and Toast Plate
Spanish Tortilla
Potatoes Bravas
Short rib with fried egg
Filet Skewers

Bar Ferdinand (1030 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA)

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