NOW CLOSED: Gluten-Free Goodness Galore!- Northwest Public House (Pub Food, NW 23rd-Portland)

Unfortunately my favorite gluten-free restaurant in Portland is now CLOSED……. I’m pretty devastated

Catching up on a free Portland posts I didn’t get to from my trip-

One of my absolute favorite restaurants because of its numerous and delicious gluten-free options is Northwest Public House on NW 23rd and Kearney. Portland has for awhile had some awesome gluten-free options and last Christmas when I was home I did a search for any restaurants with new gluten-free options. Northwest Public House had a number of good reviews so I checked it out and man did it have some awesome options! They had gluten-free macaroni and cheese, gluten-free buns, and more!

It of course was high up on my list when I went back to Portland. I went for dinner with my friend Molly and we snagged a table outside, which was cool to experience being summer since the last time it was winter. That first time I got the Dirty Mac, which is macaroni and cheese with beef, tomatoes, and jalapenos and was creamy delicious-ness. This time my Molly and I got the Sort of Dirty Mac, which came with rosemary chicken and carmelized onions and was also good (but the Dirty Mac is my favorite). We also got the Lugan Special, which is kugelis (crispy potato cakes) and Polish sausage to start. The textures were a bit different, but the flavors overall were good! My first time I got a really delicious burger that came with a pretty good gluten-free bun. My friend Erin who I went with the first time said the regular burger was also really really good. This time I got the pulled pork sandwich (with the same gluten-free bun), which was messy but good.

As that long paragraph shows there is tons of food (gluten-free and otherwise) to enjoy in a relaxed, laidback Portland style. If you’re looking for a gluten-free gem in Portland or are in the NW 23rd area and want some good food you should put Northwest Public House at the top of your list!

Outdoor seating
Sorta Dirty Mac and the kugelis
The pulled pork and fries!

Northwest Public House- 2327 Kearney St Portland, OR

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