Gluttony but oh sooo good!- Percy St BBQ (South St, Philadelphia)

In my last weekends in Philly I did a number of meals at some old favorites (like The Standard Tap) and so the last major new restaurant I went (and the last Philly blog post) was Percy St Barbecue on South St. A number of things were left on the Philly bucket list, but considering it was a very busy summer of work and some things got crossed off I feel somewhat successful.

Initially my friends and I wanted to check out the soul food at Ms. Tootsie’s on South St, but the wait was quite long and they don’t take reservations so we walked down the street and came across Percy St Barbecue. I’m bummed we didn’t get a chance to try out Ms. Tootsie’s but very happy we stumbled upon Percy St.

Percy St promotes itself as authentic Texas BBQ and while I only had actual Texas BBQ once or twice I have to say it was really really good. Three of my friends and I decided to do the Lockhart deal. It’s macaroni and cheese, their jalapeno cheese bread, all their sides, large servings of brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, BBQ chicken, and pork belly, and then one dessert per person. Sides include beans, coleslaw, potato salad, fries, and more! It costs $24 per person and was well worth the money. In addition my friends and I got some deviled eggs for an appetizer (the eggs were delicious but the extra food was not necessary at all!).

My favorite was definitely the pulled pork, which was awesome with the spicy BBQ sauce (there also was mild and sweet), but all the meats were delicious. The pork belly was interesting and new for me and it was an interesting, sort-of-familiar texture and flavor. Always a favorite of the ribs and sausage and the BBQ chicken and brisket was also really good. We definitely stuffed ourselves to the extreme and could hardly move haha afterwards. We had totally been planning to go out afterwards but the gluttony put a kabosh in our plans.

If you’re looking for some wholesome, satisfying, and delicious food check out Percy St Barbecue on South St. Consider the Lockhart deal if you have at least four people are feeling gluttonous!


Their three sauces + ketchup!
The macaroni and cheese (looked and smell delicious!)


Jalapeno corn bread
Deviled Eggs
All the sides!
Look at all that meat!


Percy St Barbecue- 900 South St Philadelphia, PA

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