One of My Oldest Favorites- Skyline Restaurant (American Diner, Forest Heights- Portland)

Childhood memories, classics, happiness, excitement, deliciousness- all of these are words that would describe one of my oldest favorites- Skyline Restaurant or as I like to call it Skyline Burger. An institution out at the intersection of Cornell Rd and Skyline Blvd it existed when the entire hills were all trees and long before Forest Heights took over the hillside. It was a sort of random opening in the trees when I was younger and even now is an excitement to come across. I have tons of fond memories with childhood friends over burgers (with no buns) and milkshakes.

Skyline is classic in many ways. It still retains (although doesn’t use) the covered walkways when you were served in your cars. Inside are the old red leather booths and tables, it has drawings covering the walls from years and years of fans, and only takes cash (although there is an ATM inside).

The food is classic diner/burger joint food. My favorites are the bacon cheese steakburger (which are larger burgers), fries (that you have to make and sure to specifically order- they don’t come with the burgers), and some kind of shake (peanut butter is usually my go-to but they have TONS of flavors including seasonal specials). The burger is classic American. Since I can’t have buns I focus on what has the best meat and cheese and Skyline is one of my favorites with quality beef and classic melted American cheese. They have a variety of other options besides their burgers too!

I’ve introduced Skyline to tons of friends that didn’t grown up in the West Hills of Portland and they all have become huge fans! If you’re in the Forest Park area or checking out attractions that are kind of close like Washington Park (Rose Garden or Japanese Garden) or the Pittock Mansion and hungry take a slight detour to Skyline Burger. If you’re a big classic burger fan you might even consider it for a separate trip! It’s always going to be a stop on my Portland trips!

Driving up Cornell Road through Forest Park
Skyline Burger appears in the middle of the trees!
Bacon cheese steakburger minus the bun!

Skyline Restaurant- 1313 NW Skyline Blvd Portland, OR

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