CLOSED: Rediscovering a restaurant from the past- Old Wives’ Tales (American, Gluten-Free, SE Portland)

Learned that Old Wives’ Tales is now closed after 34 years… The property was sold to a condo developer. 

The Sunday before I left Portland I went to church and saw my sister in a performance and then my family went out to breakfast. We went to the Old Wives’ Tale near my old elementary school in SE Portland. I remember going there a few times for dinner when I was much much younger. The only things I remember are that they have a very cool play area for kids (multi-story too!) and that I wasn’t a fan because there were vegetables in most of the dishes and I was a very very picky eater.

The play place is still there, but I’m less of a picky eater and I think my childhood stubbornness overblew the vegetable factor a lot! Excitingly they had a lot of gluten-free options along with some really wholesome food. Old Wives’ Tale also has tons of vegan and vegetarian options (which is very Portland and specifically SE Portland-like).

Not one to say no to new gluten-free options I tried one of their gluten-free blueberry bread puddings. It was a nice breakfast “dessert” (especially with whipped cream on top of it) and I’ve so rarely had the opportunity to experience something like it (warm, moist, and baked breakfast). My sister and mom (mom who is also gluten-free) got a second serving and they both really liked it. I then got their omelet with asiago cheese and chicken sausage. The asiago cheese was an awesome choice and made it one of my favorite omelets! In addition to the home fries on the side I got a gluten-free English muffin on the side. It was good, especially with butter, although it had a slightly typical gluten-free taste.

In addition to those gluten-free options they have a number of other gluten-free baked good options (I think muffins and cupcakes if I remember correctly). But luckily I exercised some self-control and stopped.

I’m glad I re-discovered a restaurant from the past! If you’re in the close-in SE Portland neighborhood and looking for breakfast check out the Old Wives’ Tale and if you’re a gluten-free it could be worth the trip from where you are (also vegan and vegetarians as they had a number of options). Check out their website below to take a look at their lunch and dinner options as well! Cool play area for kids as well (I remember that the most from being a kid!).

Gluten-free Blueberry Bread Pudding before demolishing
After demolition
Chicken sausage and asiago omelet with gluten-free English muffin

Old Wives’ Tale- 1300 E Burnside Portland, OR

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