CLOSED: Back in Miami- Tabu Bistro (Tapas, Brickell)

I’m back in Miami after being gone for the summer for work and it feels great to be back! I’m also moved into a new apartment in Brickell and while I miss Midtown and the neighborhood there are a lot of benefits to living in Brickell. One is discovering smaller restaurants I haven’t been to in Brickell (plus new ones that have opened over the summer!). Last night for dinner a group of us went to Tabu Bistro, which is on Brickell Ave in the 1050/1060 building. It’s a smaller, intimate restaurant that had a cool vibe at night with dimmer lighting. It also has a small outside patio right on Brickell Ave that looks like a cool place to eat at night (and I’m sure during the day as well), but we sat inside last night. We had a large group, but they were still able to accommodate us despite it being a smaller space (in fact there were two other large groups there). If you go in a larger group I’d recommend making reservations and also budget more time for eating and getting the check squared away.

Tabu’s is mostly a variety of tapas certainly several Spanish tapas, but also it seemed some French, Mediterranean, and other varieties. They also have a number of pasta and meat  entrees so there’s a number of choices depending on how hungry you are and what you’d like to eat.

I hadn’t eaten much all day so I was quite hungry, plus there were a number of things that caught my interest, and so I ordered several things. I started with a chorizo tortilla (the Spanish omelet kind), which was really good. Spanish tortillas I’ve had before have been more flaky (and usually a cold tapas), but this was more omelet like and came with chunks of potatoes and chorizo in them. It was a large tapas and quite filling (plus it was delicious to have chorizo in it).

My friend has raved about bacon-wrapped figs at other restaurants so I picked that off the menu as another tapas. The bacon and the figs were an interesting combination. On the taste side it was salty and sweet (similar to how people dip fries into Frostys/shakes). On the texture side there was the fried bacon and also the slightly tough, squishy inside of the figs. Glad I tried it and something I’d possibly share with someone else in the future.

Some of my friends got a number of other tapas including turkey meatballs (which they said has a delicious tomato sauce), croquettes (fried cheesy goodness they said!), crab cakes (one of my friend’s favorites), crispy sweet and spicy pork, and the shrimp bruschetta. Everyone was very happy and gave their stamp of approval on all the tapas they tried.

Hungry as I was the two tapas didn’t suffice and so I got their ribeye steak. I don’t usually order ribeye steaks, but it was the only steak they had and it was worth trying. The ribeye had more fat then the steaks I usually get but it was still pretty tender and I liked that the fat was not tough at all (I didn’t feel like I had to cut the fat off), which I appreciated. The steak had a chimicuri taste plus was sauteed with peppers. It came with truffle fries on the side (my favorite!). With the two tapas it definitely was more food than one sitting so I sent the leftover steak home with my friend.

A couple of my friends got a couple of the pasta dishes, including the mushroom ravioli, which two of my friends loved! Overall the food was solid and every enjoyed the meal and drinks (people got a couple pitchers of the sangria and sake mojitos).

I was glad to discover one of the many restaurants I’d seen along Brickell Ave, but hadn’t been to before. I’m always a fan of the variety of tapas and Tabu was a great place to go for a nice dinner and have a lot of different things to sample!

Chorizo tortilla
Turkey meatballs and shrimp bruschetta
Crab cakes in background, turkey meatballs, croquettes, shrimp bruschetta closest
Bacon-wrapped figs
Crispy sweet and sour pork
Ribeye steak and truffle fries
Mushroom ravioli

Tabu Bistro- 1062 Brickell Ave Miami, FL

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