Legal Art Miami- NOW CALLED CANNONBALL (Organization)

Legal Art is now called Cannonball (link to the Legal Art website below redirects)

Every so often I’ll have a post where I lament how little I talk about organizations and volunteer opportunities in Miami. That’s because it was definitely one of my major goals when I started this blog to talk about that along with sights/food in Miami and tips for moving here. I think that my opportunities to volunteer and become involved with organizations in Miami is one of the top things that has made me feel more connected to the city (along with attending sporting events and more recently becoming more knowledgeable about Miami/Florida politics). With a lot of Miami’s population originally being from elsewhere and transitory I’d highly recommend volunteering as a great way to make Miami more like home.

This week I had an opportunity to learn more about an organization I knew some stuff about already and I figured it’d only be right to start to make amends for one of my failures of blogging about Miami. One of my friend’s used to work for an organization called Legal Art when she moved back to Miami after college and so I knew a little bit about the organization. This past week I was invited to one of their events by another friend who serves on their Foundry Board, which are young professionals who host events throughout the year to support the organization. Legal Art is an organization that is committed to providing artists with legal services and educational opportunities in furtherance of their work. An example would be connecting artists with lawyers who will do pro bono work to help the artist with trademark or copyright legal assistance, although there are tons of other legal needs that come up in an artists work outside of that.

Another big program that I learned more about the other night is their residency program. Legal Art’s offices are in a building on 10th and Miami Ave and on the floors above their main office are 7 studios that artists can apply to live and work in free of charge. The event I went to was an open house where these residents were showing off their work and space to guests. The building is a converted warehouse and the spaces were really cool. In addition to the studios was a common area and kitchen. The residents all do a variety of mediums from video and photography to paintings and drawings to dance. It was also cool to hear about some of the collaboration that occurs between the residents with one of the painters talking about how she participated in her neighbor’s dance video and learning the steps made her much more aware of movement in general but also in her own work.

Miami has a rich offering of organizations and service opportunities, especially in the arts, and it was cool to see Legal Art’s actual space and learn about their exciting opportunities with the residency program and their physical space. If you’re in the legal field and interested in becoming involved with Legal Art they definitely need you but there are also other volunteer opportunities on their website for those outside the legal field! Check out their website to learn more about the work that Legal Art does and potentially become involved!

Legal Art-

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