CLOSED: Another Gluten-Free Pizza Option- Naked Pizza (South Beach)

Unfortunately it looks like Naked Pizza has closed all it’s locations in Florida… but keep a lookout for Naked Pizza locations elsewhere in the U.S. (just saw one the other day when I was in San Diego).

The gluten-free pizza options out there got a big addition with Dominos introducing a gluten-free crust (review here) this last year, but a number places have had gluten-free pizza for awhile. My favorite still is back in Portland at Sellwood Pizza Kitchen but Miami has a number of good gluten-free pizza options. On the mainland is Pizza Rustica, while South Beach has a number of places like Pizza Fusion and Naked Pizza. Naked Pizza I’ve done many times, but haven’t been there since I started blogging. But last night before going out in South Beach I went and got pizza with friends at Naked Pizza and I wanted to do a post.

I put the gluten-free pizza options into two different categories. On one hand is the more Roman-style pizza at Pizza Rustica and Pizza Fusion, while Dominos and Naked Pizza are a more Americanized version. For a chain pizza I was really impressed with Dominos pizza. Of all those four Dominos to me seems the least-gluten free in taste and texture. That said I do appreciate Naked Pizza at times because it’s a bit doughier than Dominos. All four are thin crust, but Dominos and Naked Pizza to me are less dry (while also appreciating the American-style pizza). Similar to Dominos regular pizza the gluten-free version is a bit “charred.” It makes the gluten-free version seem more authentic or non-gluten free, but I liked getting Naked Pizza to mix it up and have a slightly different texture.

Naked Pizza advertises itself as a natural and whole-food pizza place. It does seem less greasy than others so it can make you feel a little less guilty about eating I suppose. Naked Pizza also provides a lot of healthy toppings like black beans, artichokes, spinach, and cilantro on top of the toppings available at a lot of pizza places. My friends really enjoyed their regular version of it too, especially with the variety of toppings to put on it (they made much more of an attempt to be healthier than I care about).

One downside was that Naked Pizza isn’t the best the next morning (unfortunate because I love cold pizza), but that just makes more of an incentive to finish it warm and hot when it’s at its best. The other downside is that as of now there isn’t a location in downtown Miami (although there’s now a location in Coral Gables as well as other locations around the US). If you’re in South Beach looking for gluten-free pizza or possibly a “healthier” alternative for regular pizza then check out Naked Pizza on 13th and Washington.

A gluten-free pepperoni pizza

Naked Pizza- 1260 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL

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