A Craving For Sushi- Sushi Maki (Brickell, Coral Gables)

I’m a recent convert to sushi and while I’ll definitely eat and somewhat enjoy the standard sushi rolls I rarely find myself with a craving for sushi. The one exception for awhile was the Prescott Roll at Nove Kitchen and Bar (review here). Then I visited Sushi Maki in Coral Gables during a work event and discovered their volcano roll and I definitely started having cravings for it! I then made the connection that the sushi place inside the Dolores/Lolita building so I had to visit that of course.

After picking up some friends from the airport we decided to do a late night dinner at Sushi Maki in the center of Brickell Village. My friends started off with some gyoza (chicken dumplings) and spring rolls and then got the rainbow roll, two-timing tuna roll, and chicken and waffles roll. The rainbow roll is a California roll (cucumber, avocado, and crab or imitation-krab) covered in different seafood, avocado, and sesame seeds, while the two-timing tuna roll has spicy tuna, avocado, and tempura flakes topped with tuna and sweet mayo. The chicken and waffle roll is one of Sushi Maki’s specialties roll with chicken and maple mayo sprinkled with bacon bits and each piece is between a piece of waffle. The rainbow and tuna rolls were my friends’ old favorites and they also liked the uniqueness and sweetness of the chicken and waffle roll.

I of course had to get the volcano roll again, which has smoked salmon, krab, cream cheese, and scallions covered in spicy lava sauce and sesame seeds. I’m a big fan of cream cheese in sushi and the creaminess and then that spicy lava sauce brings tons of spicy flavor and creamy texture to the roll and is why I crave it!  It’s adds a great savory and filling aspect to the sushi. I was pretty tempted to just get two of the volcano rolls and be very content, but I decided to also try one of the Japanese Lasagna rolls. Another of their specialty it’s a California roll baked with cream cheese and mayo and drizzled in eel sauce. I liked the sweetness of the eel sauce and I liked the creaminess of the cheese and mayo on top of the sushi. All the cream cheese and mayo made it very rich however. I think it’d be a great roll to share in the future since one to yourself is too rich in my opinion.

Sushi Maki is centrally located right in the middle of Brickell Village with indoor seating and outdoor seating right on Miami Ave in the middle of the action. I’ll definitely be back for their volcano rolls (and maybe two) and if you’re looking for sushi, some rolls with a twist, check out Sushi Maki in Brickell or Coral Gables (with several other locations around Miami).

Two-Timing Tuna and Rainbow Rolls
Chicken Gyoza (Dumplings)
Chicken and Waffle Roll
The incredibly delicious Volcano Roll
Japanese Lasagna Roll

Sushi Maki- 1000 S Miami Ave Miami, FL


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