CLOSED: A gluten-free, made from “Scratch” discovery in Lake Oswego- Scratch (Local, Organic)

Unfortunately a few months ago there was a fire at Scratch and it is currently listed as close. Do a quick search (especially check Yelp) if you’re in the Lake Oswego area and interested in Scratch to see if they have reopened.

Last week I was back in Portland for the wedding of a really good college friend and Thursday I was heading to West Linn to help set up for the wedding and rehearsal at the venue- the Oregon Golf Club. Along the way I met another good friend (the maid of honor) in Lake Oswego for some lunch. She originally wanted Subway and I bone-headly told her I’d rather having something else since I can’t eat much there but the salads. Only later did I remember that Subways in the Portland area have gluten-free bread!! Luckily and I think completely coincidentally we ended up at a restaurant she picked that has a lot of gluten-free options (I think she was looking for restaurants close to where she was and found that it listed gluten-free).

The restaurant is Scratch and it sits right on A Avenue in the middle of downtown Lake Oswego. The menu changes every month and is based off seasonal ingredients from local farms and artisans, but they prioritize having a variety of options on their menu for gluten-frees. This time there had a lot of sandwiches, which all could be made gluten-free, as well as a pasta dish that was gluten-free. Of the sandwiches I asked for recommendations and the BLT and steakburger were recommended. How could I say no to a gluten-free burger? My friend ended up getting the regular BLT.

While we waited I could smell my burger being made in the back and it just smelled delicious, but also smelled like just quality beef (it feels weird saying/typing that but that’s what I thought). It came on a multi-grain piece of gluten-free bread with a side of salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The burger was juicy and definitely high-quality and fresh in taste. I liked the bread as well for being gluten-free. It had some extra flavor and texture than a lot of the more white-type gluten-free breads I’ve had before. My friend really liked her BLT, although similar to the burger it was quite stuffed and got a bit messy (but of messy goodness).

I’d definitely look into trying Scratch again to check out their menu changes every month and see what they offer at dinner compared to lunch. If you’re looking for a gluten-free or just fresh, made-from-scratch meal in Lake Oswego check out Scratch on A Avenue.

The gluten-free steakburger

Scratch- 149 A Ave Lake Oswego, OR

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