NOW CLOSED: Brunch at a new, but deep, favorite- Northwest Public House (Gluten-Free/Brunch/American, NW 23rd)

Just learned Northwest Public House, my favorite gluten-free restaurant in Portland, is now CLOSED….. 

When discussing gluten-free options in general and referring to the many options that abound in Portland I usually always mention my love for Northwest Public House. It’s not a very old restaurant and I only discovered it last Christmas but I’ve quickly become a very loyal customer. Not able to visit Portland without stopping my parents and I went to brunch my last day of my wedding trip last Saturday.

Northwest Public House has many old favorites including really good burgers (gluten-free and regular) and gluten-free macaroni and cheese! The brunch menu had many of my favorites but also had several breakfast items, plus some specials. The special was a steak huevos rancheros over tortilla chips (so basically steak nachos with eggs). I don’t think I ever have had eggs benedict so I had to try their gluten-free version of that. I got the Northwest Public House Original, which came with slices of pork and a poached egg deep fried in cornmeal crumb batter. I’ve become a big fan of poached eggs in general and the delicious gooey-ness over other foods, but it was really delicious to have it deep fried in cornmeal crumbs. It not only was delicious, but the texture was cool too. With a lot of cool gluten-free options like this half of it is just mental- being able to experience things that are fried or breaded that I haven’t been able to try before (at least without feeling guilty).

I also got an order of grilled cheese since that along with bagels and macaroni and cheese are something I crave the most of gluten-y foods. I’m glad I did because it was delicious! I really liked the eggs benedict but this gets all my raves! It came with smoked gouda and sharp cheddar melted in the middle. So much cheesy goodness but also delicious and crispy gluten-free bread! It will certainly be added to my favorites at Northwest Public House along with the mac and cheese!

My mom ended up getting the steak huevos rancheros special. She enjoyed them and I liked the bite I had. Very much steak nachos with eggs, but still really good! My dad went for a regular burger (I think the Savory Smash with a turducken burger but can’t remember for sure).

Northwest Public House has always been a favorite and now it’s been added as a must-stop place for me for brunch, as well as lunch, dinner, and any meal! My gluten friends rave about the food there so it’s definitely a place everyone should check out in general when they’re in the NW 23rd area, but certainly gluten-frees when they’re in the Portland-area.

The delicious gluten-free grilled cheese!
Gluten-free eggs benedict
The steak huevos rancheros over tortilla chips

Northwest Public House- 2327 NW Kearney St Portland, OR

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