Hip and trendy Peruvian food in Downtown- CVI.CHE 105

On Friday I had a conference at Miami-Dade College downtown, but it also was the last day of someone at work and so my team was trying to work out a way to do a goodbye lunch at the same time. CVI.CHE 105 is just down the street from MDC and so we squeezed in the celebration in the time set aside for lunch for the conference.

I had heard a lot about CVI.CHE 105 but since I’m not a big seafood fan (and thus not a ceviche fan) I had sort of written it off. However I have for a long time really wanted to explore and discover the restaurants in downtown because I bet there are tons of awesome ones as downtown as developed and become more popular. I feel like I know a lot of great restaurants in Brickell, Midtown, and the Upper Eastside but I’m severely lacking in downtown and to a degree in South Beach. Luckily CVI.CHE 105 is one of those popular gems in downtown.

CVI.CHE 105 obviously given the name has a lot of amazing ceviches and seafood, but has tons of other Peruvian dishes, which is one of my favorite cuisines. While we were waiting for our food we (all being very very hungry) ate a lot of cancha, which is Peruvian toasted corn (similar to Corn Nuts but much more authentic and good). It’s been brought to the table at a lot of Peruvian restaurants I’ve been to.

We started off by sharing two potato causas. Potato causas are mashed potatoes that are formed into a mound and stuffed with some type of protein and served sort of cold. We got one stuffed with prawns and avocado and the other with chicken salad. The prawns and avocado were good, but I loved the one stuffed with chicken salad. The texture is that of creamy mashed potatoes and the slight coldness of the causas (as well as other Latin cultures) I’ve come to enjoy.

One of my co-workers and manager got ceviches (including one entitled “orgy”), which they said were really delicious. The ceviches get very rave reviews at CVI.CHE 105 and are considered some of the best in Miami. My other co-worker got the lomo saltado, which is one of my favorite Peruvian dishes. It’s steak stir fried with tomatoes, onions, and french fries (and at CVI.CHE 105 also peppers) and then it put on a bed of rice. Now the french fries part might sound weird but it’s a delicious combination of steak, potato, vegetables, and rice! Her and I have our favorite Peruvian places up on Biscayne, but she said this lomo saltado was definitely better! My executive director went for two appetizers, including the Huancaina peruvian corn, which is super large pieces of steam corn that comes with a very popular Peruvian yellow sauce (the Huancaina) and slices of cheese on the side.

I went for their beef stew with white canary beans. Beef stew is always a favorite of mine and the menu described the beans as leaving you speechless! The beef stew is less stew-like then you’d think but comes with potatoes covered with slices of beef and peppers with a small bit of broth underneath, the beans on the side, and a side of white rice. It was all very delicious! The beef and potatoes were tender and the broth was delicious mixed with the rices. The canary beans had a flavor I really cannot describe. They certainly were savory and not really sweet, but there was definitely a unique taste to it.

For dessert we got one of the sampler trays of mousse. One was passionfruit and the other was a carmel-like one. I forget the third, but it tasted pretty good. The carmel one was definitely everyone’s favorites. The passionfruit would be a great one if you’re looking for something lighter.

CVI.CHE 105 got very busy while we were there and it definitely is a hip and trendy place to be in downtown Miami. The atmosphere and decor definitely fits the trendy modern Miami look. I’m definitely glad we visited because I think it will be my recommendation for Peruvian food for those who ask moving forward! I still really enjoy my other go-to-spot but it’s more a mom-and-pop kind of place (which certain times will definitely be what I’m looking for). If you’re looking for good Peruvian food in a very Miami hip restaurant CVI.CHE 105 is your place to go!

The cancha (toasted corn)
The causa with chicken salad
The causa with prawns and avocado
One of the ceviches
The lomo saltado
The beef stew with white canary beans
The mousse sampler

CVI.CHE 105- 105 NE 3rd Ave Miami, FL


3 thoughts on “Hip and trendy Peruvian food in Downtown- CVI.CHE 105

  1. Being Peruvian I know well a good ceviche and I must proudly say, CVI.CHE105 has the best one in town! Their whole menu is excelent. Congratulations!

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