“Sweet” goodness right downstairs (literally)- Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill (Tapas, Midtown)

On Friday my team went to celebrate the end of our fiscal year at a late lunch. The day was pretty crazy so our options were limited because many places had stopped serving lunch and we had a somewhat-short time window due to other meetings. We settled on Sugarcane, which is actually right downstairs in our building. A few on our team loved the restaurant and others hadn’t been so there so it had ended up being a great place to go! I had only been there once for a happy hour a few years ago and don’t think I had any food so it was practically a “new” place for me.

We each ordered a few things to share with the table. We started with some pitchers of red sangria and Sugarcane makes some really good sangria! To start there were some croquettes, bacon-wrapped dates, some pork belly, and skirt steak. We also ended up getting some mushroom flat bread, some Parmesan corn, and some steak frites. And two more orders of bacon-wrapped dates!

Unfortunately I couldn’t eat the croquettes because they looked delicious and they got good reviews from my co-workers. Similary I couldn’t have the mushroom flat bread, which came recommended by our waiter, but everyone who tried it agreed strongly with the waiters recommendation.

Of the things I was able to try there were a lot of delicious options. I had been interested in ordering the short ribs, but because they were Korean style (most likely with soy sauce) my waiter let me know they were not gluten-free. Instead I ordered the pork belly and the waiter was very helpful in taking initiative in finding out the sauce should be taken off to make it gluten-free. The pork belly was good and flavorful, but I bet it’d been even better with the sauce adding extra flavor and moisture. The skirt steak is always one of my favorites and at Sugarcane their’s was moist and flavorful. The Parmesan corn was good, as was the fries with the steak frites and the steak itself (although I’m pretty sure it was dipped in soy sauce and probably not something gluten-frees should eat).

The winner of the lunch was by far the bacon-wrapped dates. The difference from bacon-wrapped dates at other restaurants is that it’s actually a date stuffed linguica sausage and wrapped with bacon. Needless to stay the combination of sausage in a sweet date wrapped in bacon (when does bacon not make something better!) was awesome! It was light but savory and filling at the same time and I ate a lot of the multiple plates we got to share! Definitely the highlight of the lunch and something that I will return to Sugarcane for!

Sugarcane has many options, unfortunately many that aren’t good gluten-frees (with a lot buns, breads, etc), but there still were many for me to pick from and many I really liked. I’m craving the bacon-wrapped dates as I type. Given it’s close proximity to work and the good food I’ll definitely be back! If you’re looking for tapas in Midtown or a good restaurant with a lot of options in Miami in general you should check out Sugarcane!




The delicious bacon-wrapped dates!
Pork belly
Mushroom flat bread
Skirt steak
Parmesan Corn

Sugarcane Bar and Grill- 3250 NE 1st Ave Miami, FL

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