CLOSED: A long-time coming discovery: El Vato Tequila and Taco Bar (Brickell, Mexican)

Last week I had a conference in Miami and Thursday night the entire conference went out to dinner at various restaurants in Brickell. My group was assigned El Vato and at first I was a little skeptical about my group going there, because it’s not a very “Miami” restaurant for people out of town, but given that there were 300 of us and we needed to be spread out El Vato ended up being a good option. A lot of my friends had talked up El Vato as a pretty quick, cheap, Mexican restaurant. It got to the point where it was a bit absurd I hadn’t been there yet because I walk by it multiple times a week in the middle of Brickell.

We were a big group of 24 that El Vato miraculously was able to accommodate (as well as a couple other smaller groups from the conference) so there was a lot of different food ordered. Some of the favorites that people raved about were the skirt steak and the fajitas. I got the Mexican street tacos- a chicken, steak, and a chorizo. The plate came out and everyone kind of laughed at how small they were. The size isn’t a big deal since each taco is only $2.50, but since I was hungry I definitely  needed more. The tacos come with onions and cilantro on the side. You also can have guacamole or queso added to the tacos. The steak and chicken were okay, but seemed a little dry. I feel like with some guacamole or queso added the tacos would have been fine. I really liked the chorizo taco and ordered two more since I was hungry!

Just a few days later my friends and I went back to El Vato where I got the chorizo taco and I also got the steak. The taquitos taquitos were drizzled in a sauce that was delicious! Creamy with a spicy kick. My friends, who had been to El Vato before, actually ordered a side of it- chipotle sauce- and I got a side. I poured it on top of my tacos and it was delicious! Definitely is one of those sauces you can dip in or pour on almost anything on!

I’m glad I finally checked out El Vato. It’s a cheap (especially for Brickell), quick and pretty delicious (especially with that chipotle sauce) place to for food in Brickell!

One of the tables in El Vato. Inside part of a classic car.
Chicken, Steak, and Chorizo tacos. Pretty small, but they come cheap.
Taquitos with chipotle sauce drizzled on it


El Vato- 1010 S Miami Ave Miami, FL

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