A Day Trip to the Miami Seaquarium (Sights)

The other week my team at work went on a retreat to plan for the next fiscal year. Part of the time we spent at the Miami Seaquarium because my boss found a Groupon for half-priced admission. My best friend loves the Seaquarium (partially because he loves dolphins) and since it’s a major Miami sight I had been wanting to check it out for awhile.

I’ll admit from the beginning I was a little turned off by the $8 parking (since it’s on Key Biscayne there really isn’t any where else to park) and the high cost of regular admission of $39.95. One plus about the price is that a yearly pass is only $54.95 so if you’re planning to go multiple times a year it’d be a good deal.

The Seaquarium has a very theme park feel. Partially that was because it was all decorated by Halloween, but the Seaquarium also is more like Sea World than an aquarium. There are a number of different exhibits around the park with different marine animals, plus attractions like a ropes course and a giant sea themed playground (surrounded by a shark canal!). I’m more used to aquariums like the Shedd in Chicago and the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, so my expectations were a bit different.

After a quick lunch at the BBQ restaurant on site we went and saw the whale show in the main tank. The whale and a team of dolphins performed a lot of tricks, including splashing a lot of the crowd in the front rows. Afterwards we strolled around the park to see the different animals including more dolphins, sharks, crocodiles, and giant sea turtles. The attractions are separate exhibits like at a zoo as compared to a larger marine ecosystem exhibit.

I was glad to visit the Seaquarium as a way to check it off the bucket list, but I prefer the aquariums like the Shedd or Oregon Coast. It’s pretty theme-park aquarium and I bet for kids is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a place to take people visiting or are visiting yourself with kids the Seaquarium could be a cool place to visit. There are also a number of attractions you can pay extra for like swimming with the dolphins (my friend’s favorite) that would make it a really cool experience. If you go for a yearly pass it could also be worth the expense (since the annual pass is only a little bit more than the regular admission).

Whale and Dolphins Show

Dolphin Experience (swimming with dolphins)
The Shark Canal!
Giant sea turtle

Miami Seaquarium- 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway Key Biscayne, FL  


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