A new discovery with potential and a great outdoor space- Shokudo (Japanese, Buena Vista)

The other weekend my friend and I were looking for a new place to go to dinner and I found out about South Street in the old Sra. Martinez  space in the Design District from Thrillist. With a Philly comfort food theme (me being a big fan of the city of Brotherly Love) it was definitely a place I wanted to check out. My friend is also really into jazz so we were both excited. Unfortunately it was closed so we had to come up with a back-up plan.

In my constant search for new restaurants close to work I had heard about a Japanese restaurant called Shokudo just north of the Buena Vista Bistro. It sold itself as Shokudo by World Resource Cafe because the daughter of the owners of the World Resource Cafe owns Shokudo. The World Resource Cafe is before my Miami-time so that didn’t mean much to me but always being adventurous to try someplace new we went there.

The space and atmosphere for Shokudo is pretty cool and an exciting discovery. It’s on 2nd Ave in Buena Vista, just north of the Design District. The inside has a very sleek sushi restaurant look. It also has a great outdoor space decorated with lights in the back and we ended up sitting out there.

The menu has a wide number of sushi and other Japanese dishes. We started with a spicy tuna sushi roll, which is always solid. There were a number of things on the menu I really wanted to try (like Korean ribs or braised short ribs), but they unfortunately were not gluten-free. I ordered the Pho Bo, which was a broth with beef, rice noodle, bean, cilantro, basil, and bean sprout. I liked the broth my two issues with the dish were that the beef was one giant piece so it was a bit hard to eat and enjoy throughout the meal. There also was tons and tons of basil, which at first got in the way of enjoying the meal. I eventually was able to move it out of the way but it dampened my experience. My friend got the Pad Thai, which I had been considering, and he really liked it.

Next time I think I will try something along the Pad Thai or one of the other dishes that are gluten-free. The sushi was good and overall the Pho Bo wasn’t bad just a few things that detracted from it. I really like the space and the atmosphere (especially the space out back) and it’s a cool place to check out if you’re near the Design District and looking for Asian.

Shokudo’s great outdoor space
Spicy Tuna Roll 
Pho Bo
Pad Thai

Shokudo By World Resource Cafe- 4740 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 


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