Authentic Mexican Down In Homestead- El Toro Taco Restaurant

The other day we had an event for a work at the park right on the main street of Homestead. I had never been to Homestead except passing through on the way to the Keys. It was interesting to see Homestead and its main drag (Krome Ave) after hearing a lot about it. One of the main things I knew about it was that my friends from California and who are Mexican claimed that the only place to find authentic Mexican in Miami was down in Homestead. There are two Mexican restaurants on Krome. One is Casita Tejas and El Toro Taco.

My co-workers who worked on the event had been to Casitas when they came down to scope out the park for the event and then ate at El Toro before prepping for the event. They said that they liked El Torro better, but that both were really good. My boss and I got down to the event a little bit before it started and since we were both hungry we checked out El Toro. I was excited to try a place that my Mexican friends said was an authentic Mexican restaurant.

They brought out the chips and salsa to start and we also ordered an order of guacamole. The chips were super fresh, crispy and tasted homemade (regardless were delicious)! The guacamole was also very fresh and certainly homemade with a lot of chunks of avocados.

For the meal I got three tacos- one chicken and two beef. Similar to the chips the taco shells also tasted homemade and authentic. Both the chicken and the beef taste fresh and there was some really delicious cheese. It all together (with lettuce) was a great combination and I was a big fan. My boss got the enchiladas which she thought were good, but compared to a lot of the other Latin food in Miami it was a bit bland.

El Toro was a nice break before our event to get some really good Mexican food. I’ll definitely have to try Casitas next time I’m in Homestead and compare but El Toro is a solid place to get some good Mexican if you’re down near Homestead.


El Toro Taco- 1 Krome Ave Homestead, FL

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