Delicious BBQ and a new Miami favorite- Pride and Joy BBQ (Midtown)

As I remarked in my last post a lot of new places have been opening in Midtown and the Design District. One that I was most excited to try was Pride and Joy BBQ. Being a big fan of BBQ I’m always excited to try a new place. A place like Jimmy’s BBQ in Brickell can sort of do the trick if you’re craving BBQ, but finding a place in Miami with truly incredible BBQ would be ideal. There are a number of places farther out that I’ve heard are really awesome, but I was excited to have a BBQ place so close. And I think I have found a winner!

I got excited as we walked up because it had an awesome back patio strung in lights. My experience in Texas is limited to a summer in Houston and a weekend in Dallas but if I pictured a typical BBQ joint in Texas it would have a sweet patio like this one. I had read about the cool artwork inside Pride and Joy. One of the pieces was a wall made out of beer cans and a really awesome neon sign of the name.

We took a little while to look at the menu because there were tons of things on it. What immediately caught my eye was the BBQ board- a full rack of ribs (St. Louis and baby back), 1/2 BBQ chicken, 1/2 lb brisket, 1/2 lb pulled pok, cornbread, and 2 sides. For only $84.95. It’s supposed to serve 4-6 people so I just couldn’t see myself and my one friend finishing it.

Instead we focused on a few normal dishes. As any time it’s on a menu the deviled eggs instantly caught my attention. These deviled eggs came with pulled pork on them so they were a must. For my meal I got a half plate of pulled pork (my favorite BBQ dish) and then I couldn’t help not trying another dish and also got the sausage platter. My friend got a pulled pork sandwich, a side of macaroni and cheese, and some sweet potato fries.

The deviled eggs were good and the pulled pork was a nice touch. Pride and Joy has four sauces at the table- hickory BBQ, sweet honey mustard, vinegar BBQ sauce, and tangy sweet BBQ. The honey mustard, vinegar, and tangy sweet weren’t bad but my favorite was the hickory BBQ. Traditional BBQ taste that went great with the pulled pork. The sausage was also really good and came with a spicy mustard. My friend liked her sandwich and said the mac and cheese was really good (and the waitress said is one of their favorite items). Overall the food was delicious and a great BBQ find!

I’ll definitely be back for more pulled pork and I’ll need to try the ribs of course. It’s also a place that I wish I lived a few blocks from and could get a bunch of friends together and go hang out on their patio all the time. If you’re looking for great BBQ in central Miami Pride and Joy is the place to look! Looking forward to going back!

UPDATE: Went back one time for work and we got the BBQ Board. Of course delicious with sampling all the different meats and getting quite a number of sides. But man did it put us into a food coma… Ribs and chicken were good, but definitely think the pulled pork is still my favorite (in general but also at Pride and Joy).

Pride and Joy

Awesome backyard patio!
Awesome backyard patio!

photo 2 photo 3

Deviled Eggs with Pulled Pork
Deviled Eggs with Pulled Pork

photo 1

Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries
Pulled Pork Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries
The sauces you get to use!
The sauces you get to use!

photo 4

Pride and Joy- 2800 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL

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