More Traditional Sushi I Loved- Doraku (Brickell)

I only started eating sushi the last six months or so, so I am relatively new. So far my favorite sushi has been pretty non-traditional- the Prescott roll at Nove Kitchen and Bar (cream, cheese, shrimp, and bacon) and the Volcano roll at Sushi Maki! The other night my friends and I were looking to go out to dinner some place new. We wanted to try the new Argentinean restaurant in Brickell, La Boca, but it was ridiculously packed so we walked around Brickell looking for a new place to check out. We settled on Doraku, which we had seen many times next to Burger and Beer and Jimmy’s BBQ, but had never been.

There are tons of sushi restaurants in Miami- so many it’s hard to really make any decisions, but I’m glad we checked out Doraku. Despite usually sticking to more elaborate rolls described above I had started really liking more traditional rolls like the spicy tuna roll and Philly roll (although I’m not sure how “traditional” that is). One of my friends got those two and we both agreed they were really great quality. I got the God of Fire Roll, which is a spicy tuna roll with cucumber and jalapeno, topped with habanero masago and spicy garlic aioli. I also got the tiger roll, which was crab and spinach in a rice paper wrap and topped with a spicy mayo (I think from my memory). Both were delicious and I loved the spice and creaminess of both. I especially liked the tiger roll and the rice paper made it seem like a delicious spring roll. I think I’ve started making the transition to liking more “traditional” rolls, although I still like ones with a twist.

Doraku has great traditional and speciality rolls that are of great quality. There are a lot of sushi restaurants to choose from in Brickell but I think Doraku is worth a trip!

God of Fire Roll
God of Fire Roll
Tiger Roll
Tiger Roll
Mmm look at all that sushi!

Doraku- 900 S Miami Ave Miami, FL (in Mary Brickell Village next to Burger and Beer, plus a location in South Beach)

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