Gluten-free sandwiches galore!- Jason’s Deli (locations across the U.S.)


This past week I was in Tallahassee for work and was looking for a place to have lunch. Before my trip I had done a quick search for gluten-free Tallahassee but nothing really striking came out. I did remember seeing a place called Jason’s Deli that I had seen before when I was looking for gluten-free places in Palm Beach County and thought it might be worth checking out. By coincidence it was just down the street from my hotel so I took it as a sign to stop- and I’m glad I did!

The restaurant was packed and the line quite long so it looked like it had many people’s stamp of approval. The menu has a wide-range of sandwiches, salads, and wraps plus sides like baked potatoes. At this location there also was a salad bar. Not one to usually be able to have real deli sandwiches I went for their New York Yankee sandwich (corned beef, pastrami, and Swiss cheese). The bread turned out to be Udi’s gluten-free bread that you can buy in stores, but that also happens to be my favorite bread. Even using that bread Jason’s Deli gluten-free sandwiches are totally worth the purchase. They make it a true deli sandwich with the Udi’s bread and it’s absolutely delicious! The New York Yankee was a great first sandwich because it was stuffed with pastrami and corned beef and was a classic sandwich I haven’t really had much experience with.

That could have been the end of my Jason’s experience since I was just in Tallahassee for a few days but the next day I was done with work and needed a late lunch and felt myself being drawn to Jason’s again so I thought “why not?” I asked for the Smokey Jack panini with gluten-free bread. It came with smoked turkey breast, bacon, jalapeno pepper jack, guacamole, tomatoes, and Russian dressing. The manager of the store was great because he clarified if I had a gluten allergy. He said the panini press didn’t have a cover (so it touched a lot of regular bread) and said they were going to grill it instead. The thoughtfulness was awesome! This sandwich was also delicious with the turkey, pepperjack cheese, and guacamole all giving it a great kick!

The next day rolled around I was done with work for the day and needing another late lunch and I guess I couldn’t stay away from Jason’s! I stopped in to try a third sandwich on my last day in town. I went for the Club Royale (smoked turkey breast, ham, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard). This was a bit more like sandwiches I’ve made myself but it was a delicious sandwich and great combination of flavors. Jason’s was able to turn the regular gluten-free bread into a gourmet sandwich. I’m not sure which of the three were my favorites- I really liked all of them!

I will take some credit for some self-control the day I flew out of Tallahassee. My flight wasn’t until 12:15 so I could have definitely pulled off a quick stop at Jason’s when it opened at 10 but I held off! A little to be proud of.

Jason’s was a great find and they do gluten-free sandwiches great! I’m not sure whether it’s a Jason’s Deli thing or a Tallahassee thing, but the workers at the Tallahassee store were incredibly friendly (people in general in Tallahassee also seemed very friendly in general). They have a location in Pembroke Pines and Boynton Beach. I think Jason’s Deli is going to worth a stop if I’m ever passing through or close-by. The store in Tallahassee was packed when I first visited so I’d wager it’s a great place for anyone to go for good sandwiches and salads, but especially if you’re gluten-free give it a try! For those not in South Florida take a look at the link below to see if there is a location near you!

Smokey Jack Panini (with gluten-free bread) from the side
Smokey Jack Panini (with gluten-free bread) from the side
Club Royale
Club Royale
The New York Yankee
The New York Yankee
The New York Yankee from the side!
The New York Yankee from the side!

Jason’s Deli (locations across the U.S.)

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