Gluten-free cupcakes far too delicious and convenient for my own good- Bunnie Cakes (Gluten-Free Bakery, Midtown)

A week or so ago I saw one of the almost-daily Thrillist articles about a bakery- Bunnie Cakes. I had seen Bunnie Cakes on a number of gluten-free lists for Miami but hadn’t visited. Interestingly the article made no mention of the cupcakes being all vegan or vegan/gluten-free- probably because they’re so good the author didn’t know they were vegan!

Their new location is just a few blocks away from my office in Midtown so I knew a trip would have to happen soon, especially since my co-workers love cupcakes. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to make a visit during the week and it was becoming a day of craziness. I decided to run out and bring back cupcakes for the team to brighten the busy day.

Bunnie Cakes’ new location is a pink storefront along 2nd Ave up from the Braman dealership. It looks a bit out of place with all the gray buildings that line the street, but it’s quite a bright spot on the street in many senses. Inside it’s just as bright and cheery as the outside.

Bunnie Cakes has cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and brownies. There are vegan versions of all and gluten-free versions of all but the cookies. I went for a dozen of the gluten-free mini-cupcakes. I went for red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and dulce de leche. I really liked the dulce de leche- it was a sweet and savory cupcake (it reminded almost of a banana bread in taste and texture) with a rich no-dairy dulce de leche filling. The vanilla and chocolate were both moist, the frosting creamy, and hard to not have just one. Everyone at work really liked the cupcakes and wouldn’t have guessed they were vegan or gluten-free. As someone who has had lots of gluten-free cupcakes I really liked how moist they were, along with great taste.

I’ll definitely be back to Bunnie Cakes for the cupcakes and also will try to have one of the brownies. I might even see about one of the cakes for my birthday or some big occasion. I also saw on Twitter that they are now offering a vegan and gluten-free brunch with pancakes, biscuits, muffins, and arepas. Something as well that should be worth a return trip! If you’re vegan or gluten-free and looking for some delicious treats in Miami Bunnie Cakes is a clutch option!

UPDATE: People at work have brought Bunnie Cake cupcakes to the office several times and pretty much everyone (most of them gluten eaters) say they can’t really tell it’s gluten-free/vegan, which is always a nice endorsement. I hadn’t personally been back to Bunnie Cakes for a while (was trying to cut down on my sugar), but then I read an article about them having new cheesecake cups. I was definitely intrigued so I stopped by one Sunday before going to the grocery store.

The only gluten-free flavor they had left of the dessert cups was Sin Tres Leches. As I was bringing it up to the counter I noticed a few new treats. They looked to be cookie sandwiches, but more cupcake-like than cookie. I went for both the chocolate and vanilla. I was just about to pay when I noticed on top of the cupcake displays were some savory treats. I asked if they were just vegan or also gluten-free and they were gluten-free! There were black bean empanadas and guava arepas (both with vegan cheese), and then “cheese” balls. I got one of the black bean empanadas and one of the cheese balls. I certainly left with more gluten-free items than I had planned…

I started off with the black bean empanada and the cheese ball (which they heated up in the store). I loved the black bean empanada. It was crispy, flavorful, and “cheesy,” even though it wasn’t actual cheese. The cheese ball also tasted good, but the inside wasn’t as crispy and a little cold. It reminded me kind of Brazilian pao de queijo cheese bread, but not as cheesy and light. I think partially it just had to have been warmed up a little bit longer. Even if it had been a bit warmer I don’t think it would have been as satisfying as the black bean empanada, but I was glad to have tried it.

A little bit later I tried the Sin Tres Leches cup. I liked that it was cold and not too sugary. It was pretty refreshing and a nice break between the savory treats (and the sweet cookie sandwiches I was about to have). The one critique was that the flavors could have been a bit richer (they were sort of subtle), but that might have made it less refreshing. I would definitely be interesting in trying more of a cheesecake flavor if it’s available next time.

Right after the dessert cup I tried the chocolate cookie sandwich. The “cookies” were very moist and fluffy, which reminded me more of cupcake slices. I really liked the frosting in the middle. It came with little chocolate shavings and wasn’t overly sweet. All of it together was decently rich, but I was able to eat it without it being too much. I would say that it reminded me of a “gluten/dairy” dessert than the Bunnie Cakes cupcakes I tried previously. It definitely was my new favorite at Bunnie Cakes.

A few hours later I had the vanilla cookie sandwich (I was able to exercise a little bit of self-control). It was similar to the chocolate cookie sandwich of seeming more like a “gluten” version and similarly rich and delicious. I would say due to the vanilla cookie/cupcake it was a little less rich than the chocolate one (probably good for my sugar coma). Texture-wise I missed the little chocolate shavings in the frosting a bit, but I was definitely glad to have a chocolate and vanilla cookie sandwich vs. two of the chocolate ones.

I was very happy with my return visit to Bunnie Cakes. I was happy to try out some of their savory items and have some new favorites in the cookie sandwiches. It may be harder to stay away from Bunnie Cakes as long as I had…

Bunnie Cakes- 2322 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL

Gluten-Free mini cupcakes
Gluten-Free mini cupcakes
Gluten-free red velvet cupcake
Gluten-free red velvet cupcake
The Sin Tres Leches dessert cup
The Sin Tres Leches dessert cup
The black bean empanada and cheese ball
The chocolate cookie sandwich
Vanilla cookie sandwich

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