Ah to be Gluten-Free on the West Coast- Burger Lounge (San Diego)

This past week I was in San Diego for work and our hotel was at a great spot near the Marina and the Gaslamp Quarter, which provided numerous opportunities to explore for meals. One day we wanted to find someplace semi-quick for lunch and I pulled up my trusty Thrillist app and saw a place called Burger Lounge not too far (although all my female co-workers in heels still had us drive!). About halfway there I was looking at their website, saw a gluten-free menu, and was excited to see they had gluten-free buns!

Burger Lounge bills itself as home of the original grass-fed burger. They also had an elk burger with crispy pork belly, slaw, and chipotle aioli. Sounded absolutely delicious but I didn’t see it on the gluten-free menu and was sort of craving a good classic burger so didn’t ask if it was gluten-free. In addition to a variety of beef burgers (plus the elk) they also have veggie and turkey burgers, salad, chicken strips, french fries, and onion rings, plus shakes and drinks (including local craft beer and premium wine).

The burger was delicious and the gluten-free bun was top notch. It wasn’t too dry and was soft and flavorful. The fries were crispy and really good as well and came nicely presented (see pic below). My co-worker got the elk burger and really liked it (plus finished someone else’s regular burger!). Burger Lounge is in both LA and San Diego and is a great, slightly-upscale but quick burger place with gluten-free buns!! Great example of one of the gluten-free options I miss when I’m back on the East Coast and would definitely be a regular if I was closer!

Look at that gluten-free bun! Wouldn’t even guess it is gluten-free from looking at it!

Burger Lounge- locations around LA and San Diego


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