More Gluten-Free Goodness- The Mission Restaurant (San Diego, Breakfast)

My conference in San Diego ended Tuesday afternoon and my team spent Wednesday team-building and debriefing the conference before flying out late Wednesday night on a red eye. We started off the day at The Mission restaurant in Mission Beach and they not only had super delicious, filling food, but also had a gluten-free menu (at this point I think it’s more something I should expect than seeing it as an exception on the West Coast!).

I was trying to decide between the roast beef hash and the Mission Chilaquiles, which were tortilla chips layered with beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, and roasted tomato ginger sauce. I can hardly ever say no to a good hash but also find it hard to not get huevos rancheros or something similar. What tipped my decision was the gluten-free rosemary bread that came with the roast beef hash. Similar to the brisket hash I had at Huckleberry last weekend in Santa Monica (blog post here) it wasn’t a crispy hash, but instead were strips of beef (almost reminds me of my favorite lomo saltado but without that kind of flavor) and slices of potato with that mix of crispy and fluffiness. All together it was a great combination and I liked the gluten-free rosemary bread, especially spread with in-house tangerine jam.

My co-workers got a number of other things like a mission crossaint (which I could have also gotten with the gluten-free bread and I’m sure would have been delicious), the Mission Chilaquiles (which weren’t bad but had a bit too much ginger flavor in them), and a number of decadent looking hot chocolates and mochas (see pics below!).

All in all it was a great breakfast spot with many gluten-free options and filled us all up for heading out on our whale watching tour! Mission Beach is an awesome, laidback, and quaint area of San Diego I think people should definitely check out and The Mission should be a top breakfast spot for all glutens and gluten-frees!

Roast Beef Hash and Gluten-Free Rosemary Bread
The Mission Chilaquiles
One of the delicious and decadent-looking hot chocolates

The Mission Restaurant- 3795 Mission Boulevard San Diego, CA (plus locations in North Park and the East Village)

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