Like having your two best friends over for dinner- Peruvian and sushi fushion at SuViche (Brickell)

Peruvian is one of my favorite cuisines since moving to Miami and despite only being a recent convert sushi is high up on my list as well. So I knew a place that does both Peruvian and sushi was right up my alley! SuViche is in Brickell just a few blocks from Mary Brickell Village and my old apartment and since I had heard great things I definitely wanted to check it out. While I was very excited to try it I also correctly predicted that I would want to eat way too much stuff off the menu (have the same issue with places that have both Thai and sushi)! Even more dangerous was that my friend got mixed up on which Peruvian restaurant we were going to so I had about an extra 10 minutes by myself to have terrible indecision looking at the menu!

Similar to many Peruvian restaurants they give you a bowl of “corn nuts” to nibble on to start, which was great because I was starving! I couldn’t not get something Peruvian and my friend had never had causa so we got an order of that to start. Instead of one giant tower of slightly chilled mashed yellow potatoes stuffed with a protein (we got chicken salad) it was several tiny “pillars.” The mix of the creamy potatoes with the even creamier chicken salad always is delicious and SuViche’s causa are solid!

Since I split that with my friend it didn’t count as one whole appetizer right?! With that rationale I ordered a citrus fire roll (mango, jalapeno, tuna, and cream cheese topped a lime and chili-infused eel sauce) and got their lomo saltado as then my main meal. Despite being gorged afterwards I am glad that I did both. I definitely think SuViche’s lomo saltado is the best in the city that I’ve tried so far. The steak are tender chunks accented by the tomatoes and onions (but not too strong) and some really crispy french fries and then the white rice. The flavorful steak and crispy french fries definitely made the lomo saltado the tops! The citrus fire roll was quite the concoction. I always like the flavor and creaminess of cream cheese in my sushi rolls and this was contrasted with the spice of the sauce and jalapeno. The whole thing was finished off with a touch of lime at the end. If it wasn’t physically possibly to be anything but stuffed from all the food I bet that roll would be a strong way to “lighten up” after a meal or cleanse the pallet (especially with the lime).

SuViche combines two of my favorite kinds of food- Peruvian and sushi- and did not disappoint. Has delicious sushi with some creative rolls and some great Peruvian food- solid causa and the best lomo saltado I’ve found in the city so far. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a wide range of options and/or are in Brickell I’d highly recommend the delicious Peruvian and sushi at SuViche!

The little causa towers with chicken
Citrus Fire Roll
The best lomo saltado!

SuViche- 49 SW 11th Ave Miami, FL

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