Biking through Pinecrest and the Pinecrest Farmer’s Market (Sights)

Last Sunday I took my little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) down to Pinecrest to a friend’s house to go biking, as biking someplace new was one of his goals. Pinecrest is a pretty beautiful part of Miami with a lot of beautiful homes, streets, and trees. Close by is Old Cutler Road, which along with Coral Way, is easily my favorite street in Miami. There’s a bike path along Old Cutler Road that can take you to the Fairchild Gardens (earlier blog post here) and Matheson Hammock Park (blog post here). Plus there is a great path on Red Road (57th Ave) along a waterway (I think it’s called Snapper Creek) that runs through Pinecrest and near the Pinecrest Garden.

A friend had told me about the farmer’s market that happens every Sunday at the Pinecrest Garden so we rode down there first to check that out. There are stands with all sorts of produce, smoothies and juices, seafood, beef, homemade guacamole, a lot more other types of food, and many crafts. A good-sized farmers’ market with some extensive options. My little brother got some conch fritters and I got strawberry juice, which was really delicious. It was a great stop off before our bike ride and was cool and relaxing because it is well-shaded.

After the farmers’ market we crossed a bridge along Red Road that took us across the waterway and over to Old Cutler Road. Old Cutler Road has tons of trees that overhang the road with beautiful homes along it, which is why it’s one of my favorites. We road up Old Cutler past the Fairchild Gardens and to Matheson Hammock Park (where we had visited two weeks before). There’s a beautiful part of Matheson Hammock right along Old Cutler that comes before you pay the entrance fee. There’s a little pond and an old stone picnic shelter and tons of trees. We then rode down a path we had walked before that parallels the road through the hammock trees. We arrived back near the atoll and the kite surfing (see the Matheson Hammock Park link above) and walked along the water before heading back down the path to Old Cutler and back to my friend’s house.

Pinecrest and Old Cutler Road are great places to go biking. There are great bike paths along Red Road in Pinecrest and along Old Cutler Road. You can visit reach some great places by bike including Fairchild Garden, Matheson Hammock Park, and Pinecrest Garden. On Sundays Pinecrest Garden is a great place to visit for its farmers’ market. Additionally there are a lot of quiet neighborhood streets to bike down and explore. If you like architecture there are some great homes down there as well.

Pinecrest Farmer’s Market


Conch fritters
Delicious strawberry juice


The beautiful, treed section of Matheson Hammock Park off Old Cutler Road
Matheson Hammock Park along the water
Stone picnic shelter in Matheson Hammock Park
My favorite street in Miami- Old Cutler Road!
Snapper Creek along Red Road (57th Ave)

Pinecrest Bike Path- along Red Road (57th Ave) and Snapper Creek

Pinecrest Garden-11000 Red Road Pinecrest, Florida

Fairchild Garden- 10901 Old Cutler Road Coral Gables, FL

Matheson Hammock Park- 9610 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL

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