THE Fair- Every guilty pleasure of food, rides, and prizes (Event-March)

The Miami-Dade County Fair, also know as “The Fair,” is a pretty big deal in Miami. Every year all my students would be talking about it and a lot of schools have sugar-fueled and shenanigan-filled field trips to the fairgrounds near FIU. There’s all the usual rides, tons of food stands, carnival games, and animals/exhibits spread out over many acres. I had been once before but really only walked around and ate a lot of the guilty food. This year I took my little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters and did more of the whole experience.

General admission is $10 and children under 5 are free. We went on a Sunday and the people in front of us gave us an extra Sunday Funday coupon for free admission for a kid 12 and under with one adult admission, which was great as my little brother is exactly 12! Admission only gets you entrance into the park and then you buy ride/game tickets. During the week you can get P*O*P wristband for $25, which gets you unlimited rides, but otherwise tickets were $2 each, 22 for $25, and then I think 50 for $60. Each ride is about 3-4 tickets and the games are 2-3 tickets. For the two of us our tickets ran out sort of quickly and it’s easy to see how for a larger family how the costs could add up. By the end of it we had gotten two sets of the 22 tickets for $25 each. Food was then separate and pay with cash and credit card (at some stands).

We picked a couple of our favorite rides and walked around to pick our favorite foods. We did the swinging chairs, the Crazy Mouse, the log flume, a haunted house, and one or two more. We also got a variety of fair food of course- fries, ribs, arepas, funnel cake, and a McFlurry-like thing. There were tons of other options of course- hot dogs, burgers, gigantic chicken and turkey legs, and much much more! We also checked out the animals, the exhibits, and my little brother loved doing a lot of the free games from like the Dolphins and AT&T to win little prizes. Before we left he also did one of the basketball games and one of the ball-target games, but unfortunately he didn’t win any prizes.

My little brother had a lot of fun and I did too. Not surprisingly the fair can be a lot of temptations and sensory overload with the rides, games, and all that food, but also a good time. I would say the ride, games, and food options isn’t as extensive as an actual theme park but certainly extensive for a county fair. There is a lot of free fun for kids to do at the fair with the animals and exhibits. For families I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the different coupons/days for cheaper admission and think about going during the week to take advantage of the P*O*P bracelets and unlimited rides. Look out for The Fair’s arrival for a month around March every year!


One big bull!


Arepa (Buy 2 get one free)
The Log Flume
The water green for St. Patrick’s Day!
Funnel Cake my little brother got
Reece’s McFlurry-like dish

Miami-Dade County Fair- SW 24th St and SW 112th Ave

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