Fresh and quality sushi detour- Sushi Siam (Biscayne Corridor)

The other weekend my friend and I were looking for a late happy hour after working late on a Friday night and we decided on The News Lounge at the 55th Street Station. 55th Street Station is a pretty cool spot off of Biscayne with Andiamo’s Pizza, Soyka, and a number of other businesses (like Steel Gym). I had been to News Lounge before and it has a huge outdoor garden courtyard along with a lot of indoor seating on two levels all with a pretty relaxed lounge vibe. It’s the kind of place you head to for drinks and conversation instead of loud music and darkness. What adds to it is a happy hour that happens everyday from 5-9 PM with drinks and tapas!

We had agreed to meet at 8 but I was running a few minutes late. Of course at about 8:05 my friend hadn’t even left his place yet (too distracted drinking to Tiger Woods PGA Tour), but luckily he was just down the street in Midtown. In that time waiting though I was starring at Sushi Siam in the complex (not to be confused with Siam Sushi and Rice a bit farther up Biscayne) and kept getting a bigger and bigger craving for sushi. So we ended up taking a detour to Sushi Siam for more of a dinner instead of tapas.

I got a table and while I was waiting ordered a spicy tuna roll, which is always a good go-to. At Sushi Siam it was fresh, red tuna on the inside instead of the lower quality mashed mixture in a lot of spicy tuna rolls. As equally delicious as it was freshh. I was pretty hungry so even before sitting down I knew I was going to go to town on a number of dishes. However when I saw that it was sushi and some Thai dishes (plus many Japanese dishes to go along with the sushi) I was a bit worried things could get out of hand! Sushi and Thai are two of my favorite foods. I decided to stick with the sushi and when my friend got there (finally!) I ordered a French roll and a California roll. The French roll was shrimp, snow crab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and lettuce rolled in a thin omelette. When making the decision the shrimp and snow crab caught my attention, the cream cheese sealed the deal, and the omelette seemed like a interesting addition. It met all my expectations in terms of the shrimp, snow crab, and cream cheese (always a favorite of mine) and the omelette wrapping definitely exceeded expectations. I liked that it made the roll lighter than a regular roll surrounded by rice, but without the slight weird texture (in my opinion) of sushi. My friend got some gyoza, which were solid, and a side of rice.

55th Street Station is a nice little spot with a couple restaurants and News Lounge and an overall relaxed vibe (especially with a lot of great outdoor seating at many of the places). Sushi Siam is a great spot for sushi, Japanese, and Thai with fresh, quality sushi rolls and some cool rolls like the French roll. Up until Machiya moved into Midtown it really was the only sushi place between NoVe way down near the Venetian and Siam Sushi and Rice, but it’s still worthy of being the go-to sushi place along the Biscayne and going into the Upper Eastside for it’s freshness, quality, and variety.

Sushi Siam- 5582 NE 4th Court Miami, FL (plus locations in South Beach, Aventura, North Bay Village, Key Biscayne, and Brickell)

Spicy Tuna Roll
The delicious French roll with California rolls on the side
A close-up of the California roll

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