A childhood favorite has gluten-free pasta!- Traverso’s (Italian, Naperville, IL)

After I was in Chicago for work the other week I took the train out to my grandparents, which was awesome because it had been a few years since being back (although I of course had seen my grandmother in other places). I hopped on the train and took it out to Naperville. Once there we talked about dinner and an old favorite quickly came up- Traverso’s.

Back when I was growing up Traverso’s was a family favorite, although there weren’t tons of gluten-free options. I would always go for some potato skins (which Traverso’s has some of the best) and some Italian sausage. Then sometimes my mom would let me take the toppings off some of the thin crust pizza too. Traverso’s pizza toppings to this day remain one of my favorites (along with Papa Murphy’s!).

This time though my grandmother thought they might have added some gluten-free options so I looked up their menu online. They did have gluten-free options- pasta and pizza! The options were penne or spaghetti pasta and a number of sauces (like lemon wine, marina, alfredo) and one of their pizzas with a gluten-free crust. They also had some pasta dishes like chicken bowtie and linguini carbonara you could substitute the pasta for and entrees and sides that were gluten-free anyways like ribs and Parmesan potatoes. One thing I didn’t notice before on the menu was fried chicken, which would be interesting to try their gluten-free version.

I went with the fettuccine Alfredo, but with the penne noodles, and then an old favorite in the potato skins. The gluten-free pasta was pretty good and especially covered in sauce you couldn’t tell the difference in texture and just barely in taste. The sauce wasn’t as creamy as a lot of Alfredo sauces, but this made it a bit lighter, although it still was a bit heavy on the butter. But very much was fulfilling a pasta craving. The potato skins were as good as ever! They aren’t ever dried out like a lot of potato skins with a lot of gooey cheese and bacon. Some of my top potato skins!

Traverso’s has always been a Naperville favorite and it’s even more so with a gluten-free menu! I’m looking forward to trying out more of their pasta/sauce combinations and will have to look into their gluten-free fried chicken, plus probably always getting the potato skins as an old favorite (and maybe that Italian sausage will make another appearance even with the gluten-free options!). If you’re looking for solid Italian, a family meal in, or gluten-free Italian in the Naperville area check out an old favorite Traverso’s!

Traverso’s- 2523 Plainfield Naperville Rd., Naperville, IL


The gluten-free fettuccine Alfredo
Best potato skins!

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