Cool concept and set-up at Vapiano’s (Italian, Brickell)

On my last night in Chicago I went with my friends to a restaurant called Vapiano in Lincoln Park. I almost instantly recognized the name from walking by a new Vapiano location on Brickell Ave in Miami almost every night near my old apartment. It listed pizza and pasta on the outside so it didn’t catch my attention too much being gluten-free, but it has an interesting location along Brickell Ave. in the Banco Popular office building. It has some seating outside on the steps but after visiting the Chicago location it must have quite a lot more space inside.

Vapiano is like most Italian restaurants so not tons of gluten-free options (although the Australian locations have gluten-free pasta and gnocchi!), but it has a cool concept so I figured I’d blog about it. How Vapiano works is that you get a a card when you enter which all your food and drinks are charged to. You then go to different stations for drinks (the bar), salads, appetizers, pasta, and pizza. Some stations they’ll make it for you right then while you wait or they’ll give you a buzzer for when to pick up your food. When your meal is finished you close out your card at the front and pay for your meal. This ended up working perfectly as there were 12 people in our group, we each had our own card, and figuring out the check with a group that large would have been difficult otherwise!

The pizza and pasta were out as options so I was looking at the salads and the appetizers. I went for the antipasti di carni plate, which came with salami, sopressata, prosciutto, provolone, smoked gouda, and Greek olives. All were delicious and good quality and hit the spot perfectly for what I was looking for (wasn’t hungry for some reason surprisingly!). My friends got a variety of things- salad, pizza, and a panini. All of my friends thought their food was delicious and a few said they kept wanting to eat even when they were stuffed!

Overall it was an enjoyable meal with good food and a cool concept. It makes it easy to go in big groups and get food easily. If you’re looking for an easy Italian meal (especially with a large group of friends) in Brickell, Lincoln Park, or one of the other cities Vapiano has locations in check it out!

Vapiano’s- locations across the East Coast and in Chicago

Line of the stations to grab food
Antipasti Di Carni
Friend’s Greek Salad
Card you’re given for all purchases

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