Finally writing about a recent favorite- Sakaya Kitchen (Asian, Midtown)

A number of weeks ago my co-workers and I were looking for a place to go to lunch and we ordered ahead to Sakaya Kitchen, which is a favorite of one of my friends and in the building next to ours. It was one of the first restaurants to move into Midtown and I had walked by it many times. The only reference I had for it though was one time another co-worker had a chicken dish that smelled incredible!

My attention on the menu online was instantly drawn to the Chunk’d spicy cheesey kalbi beef tator tots. Beef, cheese, tator tots- what?!! Not surprisingly they were amazing! It’s slices of beef, cheese sauce, a sauce with a spicy kick, and the tator tots!! I’ve decided that my final meal (whether in life or in Miami) I want those tator tots, along with Sugarcane’s bacon-wrapped dates (see post here), and the God of Fire and Tiger rolls from Doraku (see post here). Those tots are pretty awesome! And the serving is huge!

My first time there I also got the “Bulgogi” angus beef ssam, which came with a side of rice. Both were delicious. The slices of beef was juicy and flavorful and the rice was very fluffy! It was all a ridiculous amount of food since the tots are like a meal themselves. But just made for a delicious afternoon snack of leftovers later!

I just went for lunch again last Thursday with some friends who were in town and of course got my favorite tots. I also got a side of rice because it really is that good! My friends got some egg rolls and some pulled pork sliders, which they really liked.

Sakaya Kitchen has a lot of great Asian dishes, especially a lot of delicious meats and sides of rice and veggies, but then it also has a lot of creative dishes like that tots! The food is pretty quick and delicious and is a great stop in Midtown! You definitely check out those beefy cheesey tots!

Sakaya Kitchen- 3401 N Miami Ave Miami, FL (also a location in downtown Miami)

My tots!!
Friend’s egg rolls

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