Picture Post: The Windy City!!

Since my mom’s side of the family is from Chicago I spent a lot of time there growing up. One of my favorite things to do was take the train into the city from my grandparents and just walk around the Loop and Michigan Ave. I never had to see anything in particular just loved being in the city and taking it all in.

This trip I only had a few short days in the actual city (when I wasn’t working) and a lot of that was spent visiting with family and friends. After visiting with my aunts (who were having a girls’ weekend) I walked up Michigan Ave to Lakeshore and then hopped on the Red Line back to Lakeview. I also had a chance to drive up Lakeshore to get from Naperville to my friend’s place in Lakeview so that provided a chance to get a view of some of my favorite places in Chicago (Natural History Museum, Grant Park, Aquarium, etc). Some pics from my brief exploration below! Chicago really is an amazing city!

View from my hotel room of Chicago River!
Soldier Field- one of my favorites even though I am a Pack fan and I hate that “spaceship” up top
Spring finally came to Chicago! In late April….



View from weekend hotel!
Water Tower Place where my grandparents had their first date

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