Still my favorite gluten-free cookies ever, all rich and savory- Great Harvest Bread Co.

On my last day in Naperville before heading into the city my aunt was running some errands for my grandmother and was going to stop by Great Harvest Bread Company to get her some bread. The last time or so I was in Naperville (which was a few years ago) Great Harvest had gluten-free baked goods every other Monday or so if you ordered ahead. There were a number of different kinds of breads and the most delicious chocolate chip cookies! I always thought they tasted almost like regular and were certainly very rich and deliciously buttery.

Now it was far from a Monday (a random Friday) but my grandmother said that Great Harvest now offered gluten-free options everyday, although sometimes they are baked and then frozen for another day. When my aunt was there she called and told me a number of different options like a pumpkin bread and a fruit and nut bread. I’m not much of a bread eater so I had her get me my chocolate chip cookies and also sugar cookies that I hadn’t tried before.

The chocolate chip cookies were delicious as ever! Didn’t taste gluten-free at all and were rich, chocolately, and had that buttery rich taste you get from real cookie dough. I never could have just one of these cookies in a sitting! I would easily take one of them equal to regular chocolate chip cookies and it definitely takes care of any cookie cravings for the gluten-frees! The sugar cookies weren’t as rich but were still good, although tasted slightly more “gluten-free” and had a more gluten-free texture. It had a lot of sugary crystals, which provided a sugary punch in each bite.

The gluten-free cookies from Great Harvest Bread Company were a great treat before leaving Naperville. There are Great Harvest locations all across the country so check to see if there is one near you and if they have gluten-free options! Possibly excitedly there is one opening just three miles away and hopefully they’ll have gluten-free cookies!!

Great Harvest Bread Company- locations across the U.S.


Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie- doesn’t it look amazing?!
Gluten-free sugar cookie

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