Unexpectedly finding delicious gluten-free pita!!- Roti Mediterranean Grill (Chicago, D.C., NYC)

The other week I was in Chicago for work and one of the people in the Chicago office e-mailed me ahead of time about finding something gluten-free for lunch during our meetings. They ran a couple options by me for the first day and then the second day said we were ordering from a Mediterranean restaurant, which they assumed was going to be okay. With the sauces and pitas I knew that it might be a false assumption, but went to take a look at the restaurant’s menu. The restaurant was called Roti and I saw right away a gluten-free menu online. It meant there were some things I could have, but I wondered how extensive it was. I was then of course surprised and very excited to see that they had gluten-free pita bread available!

With that new piece of information I was excited to take advantage of all that Roti had to offer. I never had cheated and had a gluten pita before nor really had an urge to try it, but it was an exciting opportunity to try something new!

At Roti you can pick from a sandwich (on laffa wrap or pita- only the pita has a gluten-free version), salad, or rice place. You then can add chicken, steak, falafel (not gluten-free) or vegetables on it. You then finish it off with sauces, sides and toppings. Some of the sauces they have were dill, yogurt and cucumber, and red pepper aioli. Sides included hummus, Cous-Cous, and red cabbage slaw among others, while the toppings were feta cheese, olives, and onions. I went with the pita with steak, feta cheese, olives, and the red pepper aioli sauce. It was delicious! The pita was soft, not dry, and had some good flavor. I obviously don’t know what a gluten-free pita tastes like but it didn’t have the texture or aftertaste of something gluten-free. Stuffed with steak and olives made it very filling and the red pepper aioli sauce gave it a great creamy kick! I was obsessed!!

Like I said I never really had an urge for pitas so hadn’t cheated and had a gluten one. However now I definitely have cravings for Roti’s gluten-free pitas! So much so that I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing one after our meetings were over in the afternoons and before I headed to the suburbs for dinner with my family.

When I ordered a gluten-free version in the actual store the worker asked me if it was an allergy and when I answered yes he told me he was going to change his gloves and work on a separate surface, which was great for limiting cross-contamination. Even though I just had one for lunch the second pita (which I got with the same toppings) was well worth it! Just as delicious as ever!

When I posted a pic on Instagram I got a lot of comments from friends in Chicago and D.C. who said they absolutely love Roti’s and the Chicago office talked it up a lot (it’s in the same building and there’s a inside entrance so they go a lot when it’s cold outside!). So it comes well-recommended for all, but those who need to eat gluten-free should absolutely track down a Roti (in Chicago, D.C., and soon in New York). It ranks high up on my list of favorite gluten-free finds!

UPDATE: I was just in Chicago and had to hit up Roti’s of course. It had been over a year since my last Roti experience so I was more than ready for another gluten-free pita. I will say that the ratio of time to cravings was higher than a lot of other restaurants (cuz Roti’s is damn good). Luckily the same location I had been to before was just a few blocks from our hotel. I might be wrong on this, but I also think their gluten-free pitas have gotten larger. Or at least it seemed quite a bit larger. Looking back at the old pic relative to my hand I think that is the case.

I made two trips actually and both times went with co-workers. They all (including gluten-frees and gluten-eaters) agreed Roti’s was a great choice. Ah dang now I am craving Roti’s bad again…

Roti- locations in Chicago, D.C., and soon in New York


Mmm so good!!
Even though this pic is way bigger than the old one I still think it might show that the gluten-free pita seems to have grown since my last visit
The pita (with steak roti, feta, olives, and red pepper sauce) unfolded

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