Gourging on breakfast instead of pasta- Perricone’s Sunday Brunch (Brickell)

This weekend my best friends who had lived in Miami up until this year were in town from California! My friend Michael loves to eat a lot like me and my friend Jess loves Perricone’s (especially their $10 pasta special on Thursday). Perricone’s Sunday all-you-can-eat brunch? Perfect combo!

Perricone’s is a great space right in the heart of Brickell on the edge of Allen Morris Park. Allen Morris is a little park with a lot of foliage that Perricone’s incorporates into it’s space. When you enter there is a little Italian market and then only about one indoor room of seating. The restaurant however extends into several rooms in a permanent white “tent” with windows to the outside and views of the trees and the park. When the weather is nice there is also outside seating surrounded by the dense foliage. At night this is all lit up by white lights and it looks beautiful!

Perricone’s has a lot of great Italian food and pasta. Their $10 pasta Thursdays are quite well-known and a favorite of many Miamians. Given the focus on pasta I don’t frequent Perricone’s too often but have been on occasion, usually for friends’ birthdays. For gluten-frees they have antipasto plate, many salads, and salmon, chicken, and steak entrees! Some gluten favorites of my friends include the baked brie (wrapped in a crispy pastry), gnocci, and fiocchi (stuffed with pear)!

Sunday’s brunch is much more gluten-free friendly however! The brunch is $19.99 and has a long buffet line of breads and muffins, salads (fruit, pasta, burrata, and antipasto), pancakes, sausage, bacon, roasted potatoes, and a pasta dish. They then have a custom omelette station you can order from with ham, cheese, onions, peppers, and spinach. With your brunch you get a glass of orange juice and coffee (plus I think they mentioned soda as an option).

The brunch has variety and is solid quality. The fruit and salads were fresh, the sausage and bacon were quality, the roasted potatoes were delicious (fluffy but filling with some shredded cheese on top), and the omelets were a great ratio of egg to stuffings. It’s definitely something worth going to on an empty stomach and if you’re a big breakfast fan it all makes the buffet worth it! Topping it off was a flute musician playing from the balcony! Perricone’s is a great Sunday brunch buffet for a reasonable price in a great location! Especially if you’re in Brickell check it out Sundays 9:00 am-3:00 pm.

Perricone’s- 15 SE 10th St Miami, FL


Bacon, sausage, and roasted potatoes!
A custom omelette from the omelette station!
More sausage and potatoes but also some fruit (had at least some!)
Outside of Perricone’s
The part of Perricone’s surrounded by beautiful foliage!

2 thoughts on “Gourging on breakfast instead of pasta- Perricone’s Sunday Brunch (Brickell)

  1. Thanks for this post. I was hesitant to take my family for brunch but you made me want to try it. I love Perricones as we go there for $10 pasta Thursday’s.

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