An Absolute Miami Gem- de la Cruz Collection (Art, Sights, Design District)

After visiting the Rubell Family Collection (blog post here) we picked up my friend from her old school and before lunch headed to check out one more of the galleries- the de la Cruz Collection (unfortunately the Margulies Collection, which is the third of the major galleries in the Arts District, had just closed at the end of April for re-installation until October). The de la Cruz instantly became a favorite Miami spot- it has a ton of variety in terms of the art, it’s in a beautiful space, and it’s FREE!

Rose and Carlos de la Cruz used to keep their collection in their home on Key Biscayne and invite people to view it, but in 2009 they built the current space in the Design District to house their collection. Perhaps keeping with its beginning the space is very Miami house-like! You enter and it’s a gigantic white room with tall ceilings and a wall of windows just like the great room of a modern Miami mansion. The collection continues on a 2nd and 3rd floor that similarly is a bright and airy space.

The collection has a wide variety of pieces and mediums- sculpture (traditional and more abstract), painting, photography, and some that are hard to even define! The artwork is much more up my alley in terms of my interest. It’s modern and contemporary (more my definitions than the actual art definitions!) and while many pieces can be quite interpretive, it’s not too abstract in my opinion. It fits much more with my more traditional view of art or at least what I like (nothing like big splotches of paint that looks random on a canvas no offense !).

For each floor the collection has little booklets that list all the pieces and has a floor map, plus has information about the artists and their work. Since we were one of the few people at the collection we had a museum guide close by the entire time who was very knowledgeable about all the pieces and shared some great info and insight!

The de la Cruz Collection is a beautiful space with a lot of beautiful artwork of many different types. And since it’s free you have nothing to lose in visiting! But I highly recommend it and think you’ll find it worth a visit! I’ll definitely plan on a return trip to the de la Cruz Collection and it’ll be a go-to spot for a place to bring visitors from out of town.

Check out pics from my visit below! Also check out a video posted on Vine of Alex Israel’s “Untitled” piece (link here). It’s best viewed while moving! It starts “cold” and then becomes “warm”


First floor of the de la Cruz Collection
Rashid Johnson’s “Soul Mate”
Rudolf Stingel’s “Untitled”
Another one of Rudolf Stingel’s ‘Untitled”
Onto the 2nd floor of the Collection!
The second floor, which especially has a lot of sculptures!
Three “Untitled” pieces by Fredrik Vaerslev
Josh Smith’s “Untitled”
Seth Price’s ‘Untitled”- UV cured inkjet on high-impact Polystyrene, vacuum formed over ropes
Up the stairs to the third floor!
Third floor of the collcetion
What a sweet pong table!! “Ping Pond Table” by Gabriel Orozco
Photographs by Jim Hodges
Piece by Gabriel Orozco
Piece by Jim Hodges
Jim Hodges’ “A Diary of Flowers”

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