One of Miami’s numerous private museums- Rubell Family Collection (Art, Sights, Wynwood)

On Friday we dropped off my friend who was visiting at her old school so she could see her students and the rest of us went to check out some of the large galleries in Wynwood close by. Most articles in my travel magazines about Miami talk about Wynwood and the murals/public art and the many galleries there. A lot of articles mention the large galleries- the Margulies Collection, Rubell Family Collection, and the Dela Cruz Collection- and I had always wanted to check them out. Previously I had only been to small galleries during Art Walk.

We started at the Rubell Family Collection since that was closest and I had noticed it often when driving down 29th St. The collection is in a warehouse that used to store DEA confiscated goods. It’s the private collection of the Rubell Family and is now one of the world’s largest, privately owned contemporary art collections. It’s been in it’s present location since 1993. The Collection and its associated Foundation were one of the earlier contributors to what is known as the “Miami model,” where private collectors create a space that becomes like a public institution.

The Rubell Family Collection has a lot of abstract and interpretive pieces in a variety of mediums- painting, sculpture, photography, and video. On the first floor is a number of large warehouse like rooms with high ceilings (but well lit) and a sculpture garden. On the second floor has rooms that are smaller and lower ceilings. Take a look at the pics below to see some of my favorites and get an idea of what the collection is like. Admission to the Collection is $10. We spent about 45 minutes there but could have spent some time longer looking closer at each piece. If you’re looking to explore Wynwood the Rubell Family Collection is a great place to check out and start because of its large collection!

Part of Richard Jackson’s sculpture where it extends into the surroundings (the paint radiating from the sculpture to the wall)



Beer and America!!- Cady Noland’s “The Piece Has No Title Yet”


Nate Lowman’s “Trash Landing Marilyn”
R.H. Quaytman’s “T”
Ryan Sullivan’s “June”
One of the sculpture’s in the Sculpture Garden

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