The traditional and the creative for breakfast in a great Brickell space- Deli Lane Cafe

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals! Well actually all meals are my favorite meals (this makes me think of It’s A Wonderful Life when Uncle Billy said the three best sounds in the world are “breakfast is served, lunch is served, and dinner is served.” I relate!), but I do really love breakfast food especially! I can do traditional breakfast (eggs, hash browns, sausages/bacon, etc) any day with a smile and “mmm”, but I also love some creativity or variety in breakfast.

A favorite breakfast spot that has delicious breakfast (and other food), creativity, and a great atmosphere is Deli Lane Cafe in Brickell. Unfortunately I only “discovered” it (emphasized because I had heard of it for awhile but delayed in visiting) in my last few months of living in Brickell.

Deli Lane is in the plaza on the eastside of Brickell Ave between 8th and 10th streets next to the aptly named Plaza on Brickell condo building along with Sushi Siam and down from El Gran Inka. Deli Lane’s corner of the plaza is well-shaded and despite being on Brickell Ave is set back enough to feel quite calm and quiet. It has a lot of outdoor seating, which takes advantage of the space’s best qualities.

Deli Lane has a pretty ridiculous menu in terms of options. It has a wide amount of breakfast food served all day (which I’ll explain more in detail in a sec), appetizers (like nachos, wings, and chicken fingers), several kinds of quesadillas, salads, soups, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, entrees, and pizza. The imaginary mouth in my head just got tired saying that all in my mind! I can personally only speak to a few breakfast items, but given the quality of the breakfast food I’d wager the rest of their menu is delicious and great quality!

The first time I visited for breakfast I got the brunch enchiladas. I”m a huge fan of huevos rancheros (and of enchiladas in general) so this seemed up my alley. It’s corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, salsa, cheddar cheese, and beans. The tortillas are flaky and it’s not too saucy (how I like my enchiladas) and is filling with the eggs and beans and then all cheesy to wrap it all up. It also came with house potatoes that were a combination of flaky, fluffy, and crispy (depending on the piece) and texture-wise complemented the brunch enchiladas very well. All together it was delicious and filling dish to start off the day (though if I remember correctly it was a bit of a late start!).

On that first visit my friend got the lo-carb Benedict, which was delicious and with a side of tomatoes met her Paleo challenge at the time. There are a lot of similarly healthier options available on the menu including buckwheat pancakes and lo-cal French toast. Besides my brunch enchiladas there also are the usual eggs with sides, omelettes, an egg sandwich, Southwestern huevos, a frittata, French toasts, pancakes, and quite a number more options! A long list of more traditional breakfast items with some more unique and creative.

The second time I visited I got the Kitty’s Hash- corned beef, potatoes, and onions with poached eggs on top. I love me a good hash and this was definitely one of them. The corned beef and onions were crispy like many hashes, but the difference was that the potatoes came as slices instead of small chunks. Didn’t make too much of a difference overall, but the potatoes were really delicious and so it was nice to have the potatoes stick out more (while not having it overwhelm the crispy corned beef aspect). Since this was breakfast before Ultra Sunday I knew I had to fuel up for the long day so I also got an order of potato skins (my appetizer guilty pleasure). It ended up being a pretty big platter- crispy with sprinkled cheese and sides of sour cream and nacho-like cheese to dip them in. It was quite too much food for one sitting, but it was some great leftovers later!

Deli Lane Cafe has a very extensive menu of delicious classics and creative options for every meal. The Brickell location (the original location is in South Miami) is a great space that’s perfect on a beautiful weekend morning (and I’m sure any other time it’s a beautiful day!). For the atmosphere and the wide selection it’s my definitive top pick for breakfast in Brickell!

Deli Lane Cafe (921 Brickell Ave Miami, FL and the original location in South Miami)

The brunch enchilada- Yum!
Kitty’s Hash
The potato skins

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