What a place to pick a drink, even for gluten-frees- World of Beer (Midtown, Bar)

Last night my team threw a happy hour right below our offices at the new World of Beer in Midtown. They’re in Midblock next to Machiya and across the breezeway from Muscle Maker Grill. They built their space with a lot of glass walls that can open to the outside, which make it a great space. Each day they put tables outside in the breezeway and then have a great long bar inside with a huge selection of beer as their name makes pretty obvious. What’s great is that they also have quite a number of ciders, including several on draft.

One downside of World of Beer is that they don’t have a kitchen so there isn’t any food (but I don’t think other locations have food so it must be deliberate). For this happy hour they were able to order catering from a neighboring restaurant (this time Bar Louie- blog post here) and set it up on tables in the back. Very easy an no-life on our part. There was then a huge menu for people to pick drinks from. The draft menu itself was a whole front and back. On draft they have Woodchuck Amber and Pear, plus Original Sin Cider. They then have an entire wall of cases with bottles and behind that a refrigerator with even more. At the happy hour People at the happy hour really enjoyed sampling so many different options. For one person who wasn’t much of a beer drinker they got a great crash course/tutorial from one of the bartenders, who helped figure out the best beer for her given her preferences. All the bartenders were super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Everyone really seemed to be enjoying their time!

Even without food World of Beer is still a great space. The long bar makes it great for some one-on-one hangouts with a friend and then the tables inside the opened walls or outside in the breezeway are great places to sit and drink with a group. The breezeway captures a great breeze even in the summer heat. It’s definitely a place I plan to visit after a long day of work in the summer when all I’ll want is a cold drink and a cool breeze. World of Beer offers both!

World of Beer also offers a number of specials such as half-off drafts for students and educators on Wednesday (with a cool WOB U card and showing your ID) and a $1 off for when owners bring their dogs on Tuesday.

There are also locations in Kendall, Dadeland, and Coconut Creek, plus many across Florida and the country. I can’t speak to the space of the other locations (which for Midtown is pretty awesome!), but the selection will be similar and I’m assuming the expertise and friendliness of the bartenders at other locations is similar to the ones at the Midtown location.

If you’re a beer (or cider drinker) and are looking for a relaxing space in Midtown World of Beer is a great option. There are tons of restaurants nearby to grab food before and after (and they might even let you bring your food in since they don’t have a kitchen). Despite the conundrum in it’s name this gluten-free will definitely be back to World of Beer!

Bar Louie- 3252 NE 1st Ave (plus locations in Kendall, Dadeland, Pembroke Pines, around Florida and U.S.)



Part of the case of beers- so many!
Part of the case of beers- so many!
Part of World of Beer's great space!
Part of World of Beer’s great space!
Some of the food from Bar Louie that World of Beer set-up for us



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