Mixed reviews but potential plus a breakdown of arepas- Los Perros (Colombian, North Beach)

I have some friends who absolutely love the burgers and hot dogs at Los Perros in North Beach so I had been hearing a lot about it for awhile! One of their favorites is a burger with pineapple sauce on it, which seems to be one of their specialties. I had talked with several of them about going there many a times over the years (weird to think I can actually say that about someplace in Miami), but it seemed to stay perpetually on my Miami restaurant bucket list. Now that I live much closer it seemed like finally it’d be crossed off and the other weekend I went!

My mistake was probably not getting one of the things highly recommended by my friends. Since the burgers and hot dogs all come with buns I looked for something else, especially since I already have some favorite Colombian specialties. I recently discovered that Los Perros delivers so I thought it could maybe replace my late-night delivery favorite in Brickell- Munchies (see blog post here), whose arepas always hit the late-night spot. Although that also could have gotten very very dangerous…

I went first with the marranitas, which are fried plantain cups stuffed with different meats. It came with four and was supposed to be stuffed with chicken, beef, chorizo, and chicharones. They were out of chicken so I got a second chorizo. The marranitas came out a bit more saucer like than like a cup, but a bit more rounded than a tostones. A few of them came apart so eating it was a bit messy, but they still tasted really good. The fried plantains with the meat are a great combination. I was a bit unsure if the chicharones were gluten-free so I didn’t eat them at first and then got very full before I had a chance to Google if it was.

I also got two arepas (chorizo and beef), which are always a favorite of mine. Side note- here’s what I’ve learned so far during my time in Miami about arepas and hopefully I get it accurate (check me Colombian and Venezuelan friends). Colombian arepas are poured onto the griddle and fried so they come out quite crispy. Venezuelan arepas are formed, grilled only briefly, and then baked. A lot of Colombian restaurants I’ve seen two arepas used like a sandwich, while Venezuelan arepas are one split open and stuffed. However there are still variations and exceptions to these “rules”. La Moon to me seem much more crispy than Munchies, even though they are both Colombian. And then these Colombian arepas from Los Perros, which were soft and made with white corn compared to the crispier yellow corn ones from La Moon/Munchies. Plus they were similar to the Venezuelan ones by being split and stuffed.

Unfortunately the Los Perros arepas were not one of my favorites. The white corn ones were a little bland and a weird mix of being soft-ish but still grilled. I also was expecting cheese like other arepas I’ve had, but this came only with the protein. The chorizo one was still pretty good (because I love chorizo) and I added some of the pink fry sauce so it wasn’t as dry. The beef arepa was unfortunately not something I could finish (which is kind of saying something). It just had an off taste and was pretty dry and stringy. I wonder if it was a bad batch, because the beef in the marranitas wasn’t as dry and didn’t taste bad.

I do think a return trip to Los Perros is necessary, but next time I’ll check out their burgers or hot dogs since those come highly recommended by many friends and the name is Los Perros after all! It’s a quick and easy stop off on Collins, perhaps before or after the beach, and they deliver/are open late (6 AM on weekends) so there is still a lot of potential in Los Perros!

Los Perros- 6995 Collins Blvd Miami Beach, FL (and locations in Kendall, Sunny Isles, South Beach, Miami Lakes and Flagler)


The marranitas
The beef arepa
The chorizo arepa

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