Gluten-Free Exclusive- Island Gluten-Free Bakery (Sarasota)

When I was in Sarasota for work last week I was curious if there were any restaurants with gluten-free specialties. From that search I found Island Gluten-Free Bakery. On our way out of town back to Miami I stopped by to stock up on some gluten-free goodies. Unfortunately I had just had a big lunch so there were a lot of things I would have loved to try but was too stuffed. I got an assortment of baked goods- a triple chocolate torte, a sugar cookie, some chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies. The other things I now wish I had room for was a variety of sandwiches and pizza, but again I was too full from lunch to consider them.

Of all the things I got the sugar cookie was my favorite. It had the sugar cookie taste and almost the regular gluten texture, but just a little drier (but still good!). It came with a bit of frosting on top that reminded me of the frosted sugar cookies I always wanted to eat! The chocolate torte reminded me a lot of the chocolate pie my mom would make with gluten-free graham crackers and chocolate pudding. It got a bit messy in the car ride, but still was delicious. The crust was crumbly and moist and you can’t beat the chocolate and whip cream combination! The chocolate chip cookies (which were also dairy-free) had a pretty good cookie texture and decent chocolate chip taste. The peanut butter cookies (also dairy-free) were a bit more “sticky” than regular cookies and at first weren’t my favorites, but after a few I like the peanut buttery taste.

It’s always great to have gluten-free options and an exclusive gluten-free bakery provides tons of options (with no worry of cross-contamination). The sweets I tried were good and if I’m ever back around I’ll definitely get a lot more sugar cookies and try out the pizza and sandwiches. If you’re in Sarasota stop by Island Gluten-Free Bakery for some gluten-free treats!

Island Gluten-Free Bakery- 1880 Stickney Point Rd Sarasota, FL 34231

The delicious sugar cookie!!
The chocolate torte (a bit messy after the car ride)
Chocolate chip cookie
Peanut butter cookie

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